Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Outfits of Christmas.

As I said there are 3 days of christmas in germany, so there's also always 3 outfits :3

The bat-wing-top-thingy and the pants were a chrismas present and wonderful

Why is everyone laughing about mirror pictures? At least my phone and the flash are hiding my face!


And black and white for dinner at my grandparents!


Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas decorations~ ♥

There are 3 days of christmas in germany, and I really wanted to write about the decorations!

Let's start with the biggest christmas tree on earth!
(In Dortmund)
The Angel on top is supposed to be 4m high!

And now: The Christmas trees in my family!
That's our small plastic tree!

And Grandma's huge one, decorated by me.

And my fathers tree; his wife says she's not good at decorating and I absolutely agree. Also the tree is just ugly overall.

And my uncles christmas tree, he likes to brag. 
It looked weird with the top cut off tbh

But yea, everywhere there's nice decorations and i'm wishing you all a great christmas! ♥


Friday, 23 December 2011

Die Beste Bänd der Welt.

Danger, this Blog post is in GERMAN only!

Ich hab die Ärzte live gesehen!

Die Ärzte, die bÄste BÄnd der Welt, in den Westfalenhallen bei ihrem XX -- Nur für Frauen Konzert

Vor den Wellenbrecher-bändchen ♥

Sweet Sweet Gwendoline vor der Halle

Männer Toiletten:

Ausverkauft, and ca 16000 Ladies. Wow.

Es gibt nur einen Gott - BelaFarinRod ♥

Absolut Fabulös, die guten!