Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ain't it fun? [Picture heavy!]

"Ain't it fun, 
living in the real world?
Ain't it good,
being all alone?"

The funfair was here again last weekend!
Our funfair is always very VERY small, and now it became even smaller,
and really, it's not too interesting.
But I had quite a lot of fun dressing up on sunday!

You'll often find me behind my camera, but except for selca's rarely in front of it!
Well, Sunday was different! :D
Thanks Lou for all the pics!

 fatty tights u.u

Don't touch the hair! DON'T!
Shamelessly taking pictures at school ;D

If you didn't know yet, I'm the statue of liberty!

Last but not least: Presenting my new lipstick: <3

I was the biggest weirdo in town walking around all dolled up with make up and my wig - and I absolutely loved it! ♥
Actually, someone even asked me for my blog link while we were outside, because he thought I'd do it because I got a blog! :D
He also knew the store i bought the Boy London Hoodie at, ClubKid.
Pretty awesome people here in Castrop! :D

Welcome to the new age!

I've decided: I'm gonna get my shit together now and stop crying around each and every day. Yesterday was the 10th day in a row I was sitting on the ground crying & I'm fed up with this. I don't feel good at all, but life isn't endless, it's limited, and we never know when it might end - so I'll stop wasting time NOW.

"This is it, the apocalypse.
I'm waking up,
I feel it in my bones,
Enough to make my systems flow,
Welcome to the new age!"

I've visited my dad on friday, since it was my step-sister birthday,
and I was so glad I did! I saw the Ronja's baby kittens for the first time, they are soooo adorable!
I wish I could adopt one of them!

Also Nayla was there, and she took great interest in my dslr :D
(Basically she took it saying it was hers. No Nayla, it's auntie Laura's!
I love all the pictures they took. They are blurry and the light on them is horrible most of the  times, but that a 2 years old can handle a dslr is pretty impressive!
(I could title all the pictures "From the eyes of a 2 years old" - Whenever she tried to photograph other people you can see their bodies - but their heads are cut off somewhere up in the air! :D)

On the same day, once again, I've been to the Riff with Jasmin. And it's still not my fave club, not at all - but it's for free, I ain't gonna complain :D

Whereas I dressed pretty simply, I regretted it when we arrived... I like dressing fancy and everyone was dressed fancy, but I was just not in the mood for fancy dressing or make-up^^

For Sunday, there will be a seperate blogpost I'll write after school (for right now I only have a free periode) since that one will be pretty picture heavy :D
I'm just saying, I was town's attraction pretty much! ;D
And someone asked me for my blog link like, that was soo cool!
(I felt like a real cool blogger, though my blog is not that cool at all! :D)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Since school started, I somehow tried to get back to normality. Less free time = not staring on my phone as much as before.
Back during the last month it always made me smile to take a look at my phone, now it only makes me sad.
I think today I've actually reached the lowest point so far... 
I feel like I'm going insane. 
If this keeps on getting worse i will have a nervous breakdown by tomorrow & I REALLY don't want that to happen. again. 
My grandma has been lovely to me though, I told her what happened and she hugged me, patted my head and gave me chocolate :') 

We talked about how the weather in books usually reflects the feelings of the protagonists.
I'm not even sure how much I want to write here. The person this is actually all about read my blog a few times, but who knows, maybe he stopped, just like the contact we had :')

I've finally come to read some of the magazines i got from the job information center about studying last year. I really want to study photography, but most art universities are usually private and therefore very expensive. I already have 3 chosen universities only in NRW I will apply, but i want to search for more, especially around Hamburg and in the Netherlands.

I should maybe learn Dutch... Goeden Dag, Mijn naam is Laura! 
Even though I'd love to move to Bochum with my mom and her boyfriend next year after I graduate, It's still my dream to find a way to live alone, and to get as far away from here as possible. 
I've also taken interest in a gap year - like, work and travel or work and study, but all I could do while reading the articles is hysterically laughing!
Even if I work during that time, I still cant afford any of these...

I wish it was easier. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

The weird ways of life

I mean, it is weird, isn't it? the way 2 people can apparently see a situation completely different and their thoughts are the exact opposite? Yes - no, no-yes!

I'm in a horrible mood. And school just started again today.
So glad the weather is warm enough to go out running again, helps with the frustration!

Well, even though my elf-confidence is lower than ever, I want to show off some of my new possessions (thankies mommy, you're the BEST!)

Lovely Vero Moda pullover ♥

As a child, i absolutely loved my jeans jacket! 
I grew out of it when I was like... 10? or 11? 
Mom pretty much had to FORCE me to give it away.
And now she bought me a new one at Primark ♥
Can't wait to regularly wear it as soon as it's gotten warmer!

I already wore it when I last went to the Untergrund on Saturday, and I didn't give it to the ladies at the wardrobe because until now, I was always freezing down there in my tops and tees, but even with it on, I was actually shaking because I was so cold at some point! Both Carla and Jasmin complained about the heat though. 
But for me, it might've also been another reason that made me freeze, but oh well, still stayed till after 3am with Carli :DD
The music was sooo nice!
Though the mood was not as good, not taking my mood into consideration here, but it was just weird. A bit sad since it was such a 'big' party (and also more expensive than usual!)

My lovely BOY pullover ♥
Not new at all.
But I'll never stop liking it!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cologne! DSDS Liveshow!

The tale of how Kristina and I went to the DSDS Liveshow in Cologne! 
(Beware, this is a pretty long one. Just saying, I hate cologne!)

On Saturday morning, 11am, Kristina and I met at the bus station going to Bochum Central Station to start our long, long ride to Cologne. But first, there was an important challenge waiting for us: Buying the ticket. We explained the seller what kinda ticket we need and want to buy; His simple reply: "No." Simply "No." He said that a couple of times looking at us in expectation... while we were horribly confused "Yea but we need something like that" - "No." - "Uhm......" 
In the end we did get a ticket though, thanks to that unfriendly person finally telling us what else we could buy! Thanks a lot, deutsche bahn, you suck!

And then we started the long trip, ending in "Köln Deutz" after almost 2 hours (of which i had to stand 1 1/2! Mean!)
From there, we had to find the subway station "Deutzer Freiheit" This actually freaking took us about half an hour because really now, are some signs or at least city maps too much to ask for? Yes, yes they are. BUT we found it! Yippeh!
It was also the first time we could catch a glimps of the dome! :)

So we took the subway to "Marsdorf".
And that is really like Mars.

It took us about half an hour to get there, and from there, the fun began (again!) 
Searching the hotel!
Taking us like 20 Minutes again! XD
We were soo sooo happy when we found the first big street sign!
And then turned around a corner and saw the building!

After all this searching we didn't have much time to enjoy our hotel room though, since it was pretty late and we had to get to the TV studios soon!
So we quickly got ready and, by the way, tried to take some happy & nice looking photos^^
Kristina:"Hey, take a photo of me where I look totally happy about seeing the Twins today"
Best pictures I ever took, honestly ♥

I dunno if I should upload her pics as well, since she already complained once ^^;;
So I'd rather not do it^^
I didn't notice she took my camera while I got ready & I really got the funniest pictures now :D

Finally ready, we went over to Sabrina's and Lisa's room, which was in the same hotel... 
we also all got our tickets together!
I always love meeting people I know from somewhere online, mostly twitter.
They are, weirdly enough, easier to talk to and easier to get to know and it's easier for met to be myself and become friends with them! :D
So, the four of us went off to the Coloneum, to the MMC Studios, to the Live show!

Official Photo from Grundy taken there^^
I take it I can upload this because it's everywhere online anyways :D
The height difference between me and the others is astonishing!

I mean, sure, they were all dressed up with heels and all
but I swear I could've worn my highes heels and I'd still be smaller than them! :D
(From left to right: Krissi, Me, Sabi, Lisa)

Because we had to get our tickets so early we hung around the studio and in the car for quite a while, planning random stuff about maybe meeting the twins^^
A bit before the doors opened we went back in, only to be surprised by Daniele Negroni of the last DSDS season running around making all the kids around us going crazy o_o
But finally, we could enter the Studios! WHOOP!

Really now, that thing is a lot smaller than it appears on TV!
The stage looks huge on TV, while in reality it's like, what 10 meters? maybe?
And there was actually a person running around trying to get everyone in a good mood and explaining how that whole filming works to us.
Can you see how close I was? HOW FREAKING CLOSE I WAS?

Scariest sentence ever: "Please, don't jump or stomp your feet, the stands might crash" 
Uhm.... very... safe... construction, indeed.

Show started.
Everyone went crazy, pretty much.
(Kristina stomped and jumped - stop iiit! XD)
And and and the twins actually looked into OUR direction, like, directly up to where we were!
It was crazy!
Also my favourtite candidate is Tim David Weller, couldn't get his verison of Balada out of my head for days. And now that I mention it, it's back again.
Tche che che che Tche Tche che che~ ♪♫

Anyaways, the show itself was... a bit boring. Nothing new surprising concerning the candidates or the jury. Never liked Dieter Bohlen & Mateo turned out to be a bit not so nice as well^^ 
What no one that wasn't in the studios could see was the commercial programm.
During those few minutes the show was on break, the tummler went around finding people to dance or sing to entertain everyone. Lisa was gonna go down to show her absolutely fantasitc wonderful drawings she did to the twins at this opportunity, but mister tummler was like "no, it needs to be something like a performance, not something to show!" that little bastard - during the next break a girl with a BJD looking like bill was chosen to SHOW her freakin doll.
And you  know, there are people who do this face-up for these dolls. you pay them and they do it.
and it wasn't even well done. 
But she was allowed to show it. Whereas lisa wasn't.
Still freaking angry about that! -.-

Anyways, the show went on as seen on TV, and it ended. 
Something you can barely see on TV, maybe a bit but not the way it looked in reality...
The show ended and hundrets of girls, squeaking and squealing, went to the front to catch a glimpse of Bills or Toms face, but they left pretty quickly actually. 

I really can't understand the people from RTL & DSDS.
It is not too hard to organize signing sessions.
The LM.C signing session in munich last year? (I WASN'T THERE *cries*)
The Girugamesh signing session in Bochum the year before (I was there! XDD)
It all worked perfectly, but dear RTL can't do anything right, you see....
Freaking madness!

We drove back in sadness and with tears on Lisas and Sabrinas sides, and still a lot of sadness on Kristinas and mine...
It was great seeing the twins so close up, but we hoped for more.
It was still all totally worth it.
We went to McDonalds & back to the hotel, watching the repetition of the show.
It was kinda surreal, seeing it all on TV now!
(And really, did all that happen? we were so confused at times because we were so busy staring at Bill and Tom that we actually didn't notice a few things that happened during the show xDD)

Tired, exhausted, and a bit sad, still, we went to bed~

Next morning, waking up late, yaaay! At about 11am, I was woken up by Kristina turning on the light, only to throw a freaking chocolate bunny on me! ouch...
(And still, thanks Kristina ♥)
We got ready and left the hotel to eat do a little sightseeing!
(the others had brunch before, while i was just sitting there, hungry, but no money= no food - Chocolate bunny saved my life that day!^^)

funfair! xD

Last seen this hall in 2008 when I went to see Linkin Park in here!
Great times ♥

Deliberately tried to get me, the Dome & the Bridge onto one Picture! 

Some people get the craziest ideas! :P
(and the left one, it's ours! Well, Lisas, actually^^)

There are many and many more pictures, but I think this is enough for one blog post! :D
On the way back home that sunday I spend over 4 hours on trains, subways and busses, and had to change from one train/subway/bus to another 11 times (I counted! Krissi had to change 12 times^^)
It was extremely exhausting, and cold, and I still dislike cologne & try to avoid it as much as possible XD

But it was a nice weekend with very nice people that & I had loads of fun in the end!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Baking Challenge || I am a lazy person

I've got a pretty long Blog entry coming here, TOO MUCH HAPPENING HERE!
First of all, I did not forget about my Baking challenge, I'm just a horrible horrible lazy person 8D
So at least I have some pictures from last week to show off!
I tried baking the same muffins before but it didn't work as it was supposed to, so I tried again (IT WORKED THIS TIME! :D)

I also played with short term photography a bit again, the pictures (as soon as I edited them, which is hopefully tomorrow) will be up on my photography facebook (Click link above)
there i will also add pictures from a short trip i did into some random forest in Herne, and photos from our towns park, the Erin Park.

argh, i could've uploaded most of that before Easter -_- I am WAY TO LAZY to survive, actually.

ALSO there will still be a blog entry about my trip to Cologne with my bestie Kristina to the DSDS Liveshow, where we also met Lisa and Sabrina, finally, yaaay! :)