Friday, 27 June 2014

The Color Run - Dortmund 2014!

I've blogged about the Color Run 2013 in my previous post -so now I wanna talk about the Color Run of this year! It was last sunday!

I went there with 2 friends from school, and we met with another 2 friends at the location!
There, we went to the 'Helper Check-In' together and managed to all get into the same color team! LUCKY!
(I would've been pink ; ; but I didn't wanna be alone~)

So we were all Team Yellow! ^ 3 ^

 This time we were able to take loads of pictures since we put our phones in foil - it looked ridicoulus and you could barely see what you were doing, but it worked!

They got all us helpers on stage! What a view! About 6k people ran along!  

There are even more pictures if you visit this site - and all other information (about the color for example, and upcoming dates!) are on their official homepage!

I hope I can be there in Essen as well! :))

( I still have a picture of the helpers in team green, yellow and purple (which isn't a color zone though!) after the run, and there should be pictures of team yellow after the run as well! I will post them as soon as I get them!)

If there is a Color Run in your town, be sure to participate - either as a runner or a helper, it's so much fun! ♥

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I'm an idiot. [Color Run 2013 || Amsterdam || Halloween pt.2]

So I just went through my blog and saw what a horrible blogger I am, I left out A LOT from last year, especially 3 things I wanted to talk about! :O

So the first was the Color Run in Dortmund last year, in August~
Last year, all the holi color festivals came to germany all of a sudden - there are about 10 different festivals going round and round each year.
Normally you'd buy your 40€ ticket and get a tshirt, spend more money on the color powder and so on and so forth - at the Color Run you'd even run your 5 km until you can celebrate at the finish festival.
So I was clever and searched their website until I found something that got me as a very poor poor person interested: "Become a helper"
They were searching (for example) for people who would, at the 4 color zones, throw loads and loads of color powder at the runners. Me and my friend applied, and at the big day were in Zone 3 - BLUE~
So here are, first of all, the advantages of being a helper.
  •   you don't have to pay the entry fee
  •   you get a free t-shirt
  •   you get to meet your color zone crew who are usually pretty great
  •   you get to throw color at other peoples faces 
  •   you get to be fully covered in your zones color
  •   you get praised on stage for helping
  •   they might give you discounts
  •   you do not have to run 5 kilometers

the few disadvantages are only that you have to clean your zone up after all the runners are done, but that's really easy peasy and doesn't take long, your hands will hurt because you will get bottles to throw the powder from and that really is a challenge for your hands. But it's still hella fun.
Depending on what color you are you will be late to the finish festival and miss a bit of the fun, but you can still stay there and have fun^^

So, as I said before, in 2013 we were part of team blue. Due to some organization problems team pink was right next to us - which was great because at one point we weren't team blue /team pink anymore but team PURPLEEEE~

So just to show you how great it is I  have a few pictures from back then ;3

          Color Zone blue to the left and pink to the right~!

<- Before the Color Run in the Team Blue shirt!

                                       Team Blue right after the run (Look at aaaaall
                       the color on the ground!!)
<- Me, before the run even started!

 After the Color Run                                                   The Color Zones after the run!

 And last but not least the whole 2 teams Blue and Pink together----
 (Isn't this color fantastic? XD)

So as I've said there were 3 thing I still wanted to share, so there's 2 more coming, if you haven't stopped reading this already XD

The week right after the Color Run (which is always on sundays, btw) I went to Amsterdam to visit Yuzuki! We've already met once at the LM.C concert in Bochum in 2012 & I've wanted to go to Amsterdam to see her again ever since!
So I finally did it! I found the cheeeeapest train possible (and still had money problems in Amsterdam, because I'm a silly person that can't handle money very well) and went to Amsterdam! 
Well, the first day wasn't very spectacular since I only just arrived and we went to Yuzus place afterwards.... (I was so confused when I first arrived at Amsterdam Centraal? It's such a confusing place!)
Then the next day we went to Shiphol to get me a bus card and then went to Amsterdam!
There we also met Kiyomi, who I've also got to know through the LM.C Fandom and who I also first met at the LM.C Concert! I was sooo glad we got to meet up because she was leaving for Japan the same day I went back to germany again so she was quite busy^^
I guess telling you about whatever happened each day is quite boring so I will try to shorten everything as much as possible!
Tastiest bagle I've ever had! *.*

My two wonderful tourist guides ♥

The next day I went to Amsterdam again, with Yuzu and a friend of hers. We searched and found the Hard Rock Cafe & I bought my 6th Tshirt there :'D
We also went to the Anne Frank House, which was a huge experience. you weren't allowed to take photos, but I just recommend everyone who is interested in History at least a little bit should go see it!
 Waiting in line at the Anne Frank House

The day after that we went to a lake where we met with Yuzu's friends and I was taught how to longboard! (Now, I really wanna have a longboard but I'm poor and I can't handle money well enough to save up loads of it so... no longboard for me... yet!

That picture is actually so me that it's going to be in the student paper we all get for graduation.
Classmates will remember me like this! :'D

We also went to a party in Leiden which was aaaaawesome! 
I only have ugly pictures of myself from that night, not a very photogenic night. And also no other picture of whatever we did... which also wasn't too much anyways. It was a great week though and really fun! It was typical touristy sightseeing, some relaxing and just enjoying the time and partying and fun at the same time ♥ I'd love to do that again!

Last but not least Halloween
I did post a Halloween post including photos from the Halloween Horror Fest @ Movie Park germany, but I totally forgot to make a proper post about the actual 31st October!
Me and my friends went to a Zombie walk, which have been gaining popularity for some time now.
Ofc I/ We did our make-up ourselves.
I'm proud and disappointed in my make up at the same time.
It did look quite creepy, but only from afar, unfortunately.
But this year I will do better!

Yup well, that's it! 
All i missed last year, so yea^^

Monday, 2 June 2014

日本デ一 2014

I mentioned in my last post that I would be writing about the Japanday, but as usually I forgot to do it.

Anyways, it was a great day spent with Beki - we watched the Japanese Kindergartens performances (which were too cute to be real! Awww! :3) and tried out Ikebana and Origami!

I went in my finally mostly finished Sailor Moon cosplay - Unfortunately there is only one picture and it's not even all of the cosplay^^

We also went to see the Concert of Crow x Class just before the concert - It was turly great!

 And just as the concert ended the firework started right behind us! I really love this firework every year, it's the best i have ever seen! :)