Thursday, 24 July 2014


I'm excited because there's just SO MUCH I WANNA BLOG ABOUT!

(Meaning: The week from 6.7. - 11.7.!)

BUT due to some family problems (read: some family members being complete douchbags and just stupid as fuck) I can't publish those blog posts yet! ; ;

BUT I will post them soon! :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Prom~ ♥

It's a bit late again, but I really really wanna write about my Prom!
It was on June 27th! ♥
I went to the hairdresser a day earlier to get my hair cut and dyed, and I went there again on the day of prom to get them styled!

Then~ I already had to be at the venue at 4pm~ because we took a photo with all the students graduationg this year, and since we know everyone will be late, everyone was told to be there at 4 - i think we actually took the photo at 4.30 or something XD
And there were still one or two persons missing, unfortunately.

It was pretty awful waiting from then till 5pm, because we all stood outside in fancy dresses and hairstyles and most every girl in high heels, and we couldn't sit down anywhere Q-Q.... Lucky I got to go in because my besties Jule & Lou were working for the Graduation magazine & we got to go inside to arrange all that a bit :D

When we were finally inside the venue the hardest thing was taking our places in front - parents and siblings and whatnot had to get to their tables, and everyone graduating took their place in front of the stage. Then we had to endure 3 horrible and long speeches, and finally we got our final school certificates.
After that it was finally time for the fooooood! *-* 
And then music played and we danced and we took loads of photos but I can't upload most of them because the people wouldn't like that^^ 

So, all in all Prom was amazing (I thought it would be horrible and boring since I don't like most of my classmates) it it was really loads of fun, actually, I'm very happy with it! Yay!  ♥

Saturday, 5 July 2014


AHHH! I should've written this MUCH earlier! :'D

I WENT TO SEE 30SECONDSTOMARS LAST WEEK! On wednesday! In Mönchengladbach!

AND IT WAS SO AMAZING ♥ I just love this bad so freakin much at the moment (as you can tell, I have changed my URL once again :'D)

The day itself was quite exhausting. 
You gotta know that it takes about 2 hours to get to Mönchengladbach from where I live,
and that my mom came with me, since it was a graduation present,
and that she had to work and didn't wanna take the train alone in the evening.
But I wanted to meet up with Kiyomi in the morning! 
That meant: Loads and loads of driving around ~.~
But it was totally worth it!

So first I drove to Mönchengladbach at 8am, which meant I was there a little before 10am, where I met Kiyomi, who came aaaall the way from Amsterdam! 
I really wanted to meet her since it's been almost a year since I've visited Yuzu in Amsterdam and met Kiyomi there! Such a long time! >.> 

Yeey! ♥ 
(What a pity that I went to the hairdresser a day later ><)

Then we had looads of time to talk, until her friends from Berlin arrived to take her with them to the hotel & I took the train back home, met with my mom, had lunch and went back.

If you know me, you will also know that I usually spend the whole day in front of the hall.
This time it wasn't necessary though, since we had seats.
like SEATS woah!
It's been... what, 6 years since I was seated on a concert! (That was Linkin Park back then! :3)
But it's really nice to have loads of time like that.
You can use the toilet and buy merch without worrying about your place :D

The actual seats we had were first row, so all the way down, but I went upstais to take this picture - I also kept in touch with Kiyomi and we actually saw each other waving!!! (I'm still amazed! I saw her between ALL THOSE PEOPLE!)

The Balloon thingy was amazing!
I started crying at Night of the Hunter which was, i think, the second song?
And I didn't stop crying afterwards!

I wish I would've met Kiyomi again afterwards or Kristina, who was there as well- but I didn't.
Still, it was a great experience and next time be sure I'll be right in the middle as well ♥

It was, anyways probably the single greatest experience I've ever made.
All the concerts I ever went to were amazing, but the way Jared spoke to the people, the way he gives everyone faith is just amazing.
I'm myself having a hard time at the moment, mostly because I need to make important decisions that will influence my future and because I have some family problems that I really can't talk about, but the things this man said just gave me courage, they made me feel so great, they made me feel strong and as if I could do anything I ever wanted. I wouldn't trade this experience in for anything in the world ♥