Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Aerial Ladder

eh. so yea i had the possibility to see Bochum from up the ladder.
I'm not gonna give any big explanation as it was inofficial and I'm not supposed to talk too much, but here you go.

I'm also really sorry those pictures are so shaky, but the thing shakes. a lot. So I couldn't quite keep my hands as calm as needed. 
Thing is 30m high if anyone was wondering ;) 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Photokina 2014

So~ I'm catching up with everything that happened! Slowly, but I am!
So in September the Photokina took place! The photokina is a huge convention about photography in Cologne every 2 years, and as you may know I've been there 2 years ago and decided to go again this year, since photography is still my biggest passion and I love it a lot ♥

SO, I'll just leave some pictures here~

Friday, 14 November 2014


Yaaaay I recently started studying!


Ok so I started studying Modern East Asian studies in October, which means I am officially learning japanese now!
I really have to say I love it! I'm soing something that I absolutely love, which is learning a language, and that with a teacher! ;D
Also all my classmates are really so nice and I am so happy that I chose to do this!
I already have good friends (I guess) - after only a month!
What happened!
That's so unusual!
I don't even have friends! :D

Anyways, I'm sure it's gonna be hard and exhausting and full of mental break downs and panic attacks and confusion and all~ But I'm very happy nontheless ♥ 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pinky Paradise Review

Hello there~ 

I finally got to order my first ever circle lenses yaaaaay ♥

Even though I'm not sponsored or anything I'd like to review them!
I got the Geo Nudy Pink and I LOVE THEM~

I ordered them in the beginning of November, mostly because of the offer of free shipping worldwide due to Halloween. Since shipping is always a bit pricy, I'm always happy to not pay it, so it was the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately my order had been forgotten for almost a month. Since the site itself said that shipping can take 14-25 days I wasn't too worried, but after the 25 days passed I finally wrote an email asking what happened.
The customer service was great, I was told that they were very sorry and that I would recieve my lenses with express mail (for free!) because of this, so they finally arrived very quickly, which I was very happy about.
Unfortunately, the free Lens case that's supposed to come with each pair of lenses and the free gift I was supposed to get due to entering a code (Irodohieru, if anyone is wondering) did not come with the package.
I then sent a mail to them asking if I could still get these items. Obviously I was told that that's not possible (which only makes sense, since these were free gifts and shipping is after all expensive for them as well). I was told, though, that I would get the free lens case with my next order.
Even though the customer service was amazing and the lenses are great, I am wondering what even went wrong that I just didn't get everything in one go after I ordered. Also, a pair of circle lenses without lens case is pretty useless, and god knows when I'll order again.
 Due to this experience I likely won't order at PinkyParadise again. Still I got to say that I am sure that mistakes like that don't usually happen, and I've read a lot of very positive reviews as well, so don't be too discouraged to buy there~ :) 

A very good thing about most lenses is that they have a EU certificate (which is the most important one for me since I know how strict EU rules are, I guess. They have several other certificates as well!)
And the Brand Geo has an "Anti-Fake-Check" 
Which is awesome!

I'm really sorry it's so blurry, the light in my room wasn't really good when I took the picture^^;;

Lens vs. normal eye

Both lenses in artificial light

And in natural light~

Comfort ♡ 9/10
Design ♡ 10/10
Size ♡ 10/10
Overall 9.5/10

Monday, 3 November 2014

LM.C Fanmeet 2014♥

It's been a while but I still wanted to make a post about our LM.C Fanmeet in August! ♥

So unfortunately, many people we wished would come couldn't come after all.
That was mostly because it was too sponaneous because we wanted to do this before Beki and Maya flew to Japan~ unfortunately Maya couldn't come either >.<
So we definately have to make another one when both of them are back ♥

So instead of many fancy words I'll just post a few pictures here!

Also I am very emotional at the moment and I just wanna say I miss LM.C sooo much

I love you guys ; ; ♥


Sunday, 2 November 2014

France Trip ♪

Because it's easier for everyone; here are the links to all 5 Days in Paris!

Hope you like them ♥