Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pinky Paradise Review

Hello there~ 

I finally got to order my first ever circle lenses yaaaaay ♥

Even though I'm not sponsored or anything I'd like to review them!
I got the Geo Nudy Pink and I LOVE THEM~

I ordered them in the beginning of November, mostly because of the offer of free shipping worldwide due to Halloween. Since shipping is always a bit pricy, I'm always happy to not pay it, so it was the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately my order had been forgotten for almost a month. Since the site itself said that shipping can take 14-25 days I wasn't too worried, but after the 25 days passed I finally wrote an email asking what happened.
The customer service was great, I was told that they were very sorry and that I would recieve my lenses with express mail (for free!) because of this, so they finally arrived very quickly, which I was very happy about.
Unfortunately, the free Lens case that's supposed to come with each pair of lenses and the free gift I was supposed to get due to entering a code (Irodohieru, if anyone is wondering) did not come with the package.
I then sent a mail to them asking if I could still get these items. Obviously I was told that that's not possible (which only makes sense, since these were free gifts and shipping is after all expensive for them as well). I was told, though, that I would get the free lens case with my next order.
Even though the customer service was amazing and the lenses are great, I am wondering what even went wrong that I just didn't get everything in one go after I ordered. Also, a pair of circle lenses without lens case is pretty useless, and god knows when I'll order again.
 Due to this experience I likely won't order at PinkyParadise again. Still I got to say that I am sure that mistakes like that don't usually happen, and I've read a lot of very positive reviews as well, so don't be too discouraged to buy there~ :) 

A very good thing about most lenses is that they have a EU certificate (which is the most important one for me since I know how strict EU rules are, I guess. They have several other certificates as well!)
And the Brand Geo has an "Anti-Fake-Check" 
Which is awesome!

I'm really sorry it's so blurry, the light in my room wasn't really good when I took the picture^^;;

Lens vs. normal eye

Both lenses in artificial light

And in natural light~

Comfort ♡ 9/10
Design ♡ 10/10
Size ♡ 10/10
Overall 9.5/10

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