Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Meeting Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

So buy pure coincidence I recently found out that my FAVOURITE AUTHOR (that's still alive) came to Cologne last week!


I bought City of Bones when I was 13 and have since bought every book she wrote, the only one's still missing being the Shadowhunter Codex and the Bane Chronicles since both are fairly new and I'm fairly broke, BUT, those books have been through SO MUCH with me, they were always there and I spent so many hours reading them and reading them again, I just HAD TO GO.

So, I went straight to Cologne after University - which meant I was about 4 hours early.
Therefore I took my time to have lunch and look around the Dom of Cologne, before I finally went on to the Mayersche Bookstore where the Signing session would be.

When I arrived, still 3 hours early, there was no one. obviously. So since I was still considering buying magisterium I went upstairs to look at all the book, take a look at the english books section as well and spent some time deciding what to buy (I only had enough money for one book, after all, I'm broke^^

When I finally decided (I did buy magisterium in the end) I went back downstairs to the signing booth, where a lone fan already waited.
(I later found out her name was Lara and she's pretty cool!)
And in about an hour or even less looooads of other fans started gathering around!
Everyone was very nice and sweet and EVERYONE was a fandom person, so we talked about TMI and TID and the other books ofc but also about Doctor Who and Sherlock and SPN and Harry Potter and it was AWESOME.


Cassie kept standing at the desk while Holly went around asking for questions!
Whereever Holly went you just heard people laughing and squealing all the time :'D

So they answered some questions, like, about Magisterium obvs and who's their fave character, but Cassie also answered loads about TMI & TID like about Jem and about why Church is Immortal (he is NOT the lost herondale! ;D) and about Magnus and Alec and their future which made everyone squeal and cackle and it was honestly really great!

I got City of Bones right when it came out in germany and that was like... 2007? So I just had to get this one signed ♥ It means so  much to me, Cassies books have kinda always been there! For 7 years! ♥
When it was my turn to get my signature I told Cassie about that and she was like "oh that's great! Happy you're still reading them" /fangirls A LOT/ it was wonderful°o°

I also got my copy of Magisterium signed! :3
Just don't really have a photo of it atm :D

I also met really really great people there, fans of Cassie and Holly, who are also in many other fandoms and we kept talking about Sherlock and SPN and Harry Potter and such and it was really great. I had a great time!

Thank you so much, Cassie and Holly ♥