Saturday, 11 April 2015

Oh god, It's been ages. 
A lot of things happened, but nothing really noteworthy.
I totally neglected this blog because of exams and I was totally stressed out and really not well recently. but I finally wrote an important exam yesterday which I really hope I passed now.

Since it's been a while i still wanted to cummarizse anything that really happened since then.
So there was a christmas party at Uni which was loads of fun and I was loads of drunk and it was great. Just a week later (or was it the week before? anyways, sometime around then) was the christmas party at work which was awesome as well. There was a buffet and everyone could mix their own drinks at the bar and great music and it was loads of fun. Unfortunatley since I was still very new at work at that point i felt a bit uncomfortable, but I'm sure the next one is gonna be even better.
A bit later was christmas, no big deal, for the first time I didn't stress about when to meet which family member since I had to work anyways and I broke up the contact to my father.
Finally, 2014 ended and I was actually really happy. 2014 was a great year, I hope I can make 2015 an even better one! 
Buh bye 2014!

I celebrated my 21st birthday with my precious friends at home, as I usually do, and had loads of fun. Just a while later Uni started again, and then exams came and yea.
You see what happened. D:
I went to Holland for a few days with my mom and her bf to get some time away from everything, and now I hope everything will be better soon ♥ 

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