Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ballon Birthday Partey

So, this is, finally, my Blog Entry about my bestie Jasmin's Birthday Party on February 10th! :)

Since Jasmin's Birthday was on February 7th, she decided to have a cute & small birthday party a few days later! 
 Only 3 people where invited, of which only me and Inci came! 
But it was still a great party and loads of fun! :)

I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks Jasmin! :)

The first thing I saw was Jasmin's superduper cute outfit and hair and everything!
She seriously looked so cute! Amazing, really :)
I actually didn't take a proper photo of it myself, but you will see it in other pictures I will upload :)

The next thing we saw was her cake- absolutely amazing! :)
And it was also very delicious! Though I could only eat one piece of it and I was full already :D

That's what it looked like on the outside...

and this was the inside of it! :)

A reaaally cute photo I took with Inci and a Ballon :))

Cute Jasmin and the Balloons! :)

(I changed this blogs url ages ago but the old one is still on here sorry sorry)

Idk how my camera even made it. but it's pretty cool. X'D

Like a sir Lady :D

Balloooooons ♥

 Inci being awfully cute! ♥

Collect ALL the Ballons. MINE. MINE. MINE. mwahaha

Le Penis Ballon ;DD

Another Lady there ;)

She's a lady, who-oh-oh she's a lady ♪♫

Pikachu & Pichu!

Uhm those are only a few of all the amazing pictures I and Jasmin took that evening!
I don't think I should post all of them because that would just be too many!
But all of them are so amazing!
It was seriously such a great day :)
But yea, this is FINALLY my Blog Entry about her amazing Birthday ♥