Saturday, 26 May 2012

LM.C in Bochum! [24/05/2012]

ASJDGWEJHR. I have so many feels; I don't even know where to start with this entry!

I think, I should start, uhmmm Wednesday. That day, I took the Bus to Bochum straight after school, to meet up with firends from Amsterdam, who were in Bochum already because of the Concert! We went through town a little, so they could do the shopping and stuff. I think I even saw some other MADies, I think Kuchen and Sayu, but I was totally not sure so I didn't say anythinggggg. (why am I so shy? XD) anyways, I had a great time with Yuzu, and then it suddenly started to rain, so we quickly went back to the hotel and spent the rest of the day there - just left to have dinner at McDonalds XD I helped Yuzuki dye her hair and it was so much fun, but then I had to leave, to get home, dye my own hair, and prepare stuff for THURSDAY.

I had to go to FUCKING SCHOOL.
I didn't even wanna go to school! I am 18! I could excuse myself, but my mom ruined everything! >.< And I didn't dare to ignore her, because basically she just works one street away from the hall and could've checked on me. ugh.
So I already went to school looking like, reaaally weird and stuff. usually i would've never went to school like that, but I think I learned my lesson about that thanks to the MAD family and the concert. I'm just gonna do what ever the fuck i want in school from now on haha :D
Anyways, after school I ran straight home to get the next bus.... at 3.48pm. SO LATE DAMN IT! 
And I arrived at the hall just about an hour later.... which was about 1 hour before entry. I wish I could've just slept at the hall like the others T_T

But it was still great ;) I saw Yuzuki and Rose again, and I finally FINALLY met Kiyomi!!!!  ♥
I already wanted to meet her for such a long time! And I saw all the other MADies again, Kuchen, and Hachi and just everyone, though I didn't really say Hi to everyone, I was far too nervous, why ever haha :D 

of course I also met Jasmin theeeere!  

The color of her hair, her heart and the wall were identical XD

i look retarded xD

pretty Yuzu :)

eh... can't turn it around. weirddd. 
Yuzu and I :)

cute Kiyomi ♥ 

Hanii was there as well, but she was being camera shy :))

It was great meeting all of them! I already miss everyone so much, I wanna go back to that day, it was great! ♥

And then........
we entered the hall.
Now I took some pictures, but most of them are crap quality. but still, Imma show them to you, because there are no words that can describe this concert. just no.
And, I constantly had the feeling Maya looked in my direction. whaaa.
He just stares into every single persons soul i think XD 

german flag

amazing Aiji cosplayeer

and amazing  maya cosplayer

after the concert; you wouldn't believe it - I bought my shirt, and we all went outside, yuzu, rose, jasmin and I. 
I lost the heart i got after the concert, but at least I didn't lose maya's waterbottle I got. I HAVE MAYA DNA!!!!! ADJKHS

Afterwards, we stood in front of the hall for a while because we wanted to wait for Kiyomi. Suddenly, we saw someone, that looked just like Maya.
At first we were like "uhhh, another cosplayer" but then we noticed, that no cosplayer would be at that place, behind the dressing rooms (i think) and behind the fence and stuff. IT WAS MAYA HIMSELF! Yuzuki was the first to notice and screamed "Arigatou" and "Kyo wa tanoshikatta" (something like that^^) I was speechless, then i screamed "Arigatou" as well and waved to him. He said something, but I can't remember what it was. But his voice, asjdhje.♥
WE FUCKING TALKED TO MAYA! Best night ever! ♥

on the buuuus~

my new priced possessions. shirt and buttons ♥

Monday, 21 May 2012

This Saturday || Concert photography

This Saturday was an EPIC day, just saying, so I feel there's need of an blog entry here.

Of course, as it was weekend, i could sleep long, then i had a nice breakfast, did some homework, learned a bit, and then - it was time to grab my dslr and get going.
Thanks to a friend of mine I got a job as concert photographer at the Cryptic Lane Gig in Bochum! He knows the vocalist personally and was so kind to ask him if I could do it - and he said yes! Isn't that awesome! I spend my whole friday night with googleing after how to do concert photography.... everything online told me that it's basically the most difficult kind of photography ever, and that even experienced photographers have some problems from time to time D:
So I was really really worried!
At 5.15pm I took the bus which lead directly to the hall. On the way, some friends got into the bus and I met even more new people; as well as in front of the hall.
I went to ask the security if I was really gonna get in the hall. He asked for my name - and said NO.

I was not on the list. I was so shocked. But I still knew that my knew the band members, and he offered to call them to ask why I was not on the list, but couldn't reach anyone.
A while later though he turned around and saw..... le vocalist of le band infront of the hall. We took the chance to ask why I was not on the list. About 2 seconds later I was on the list - René told the security guy and everyone was happy!

And soon, we entered the hall. We listend to the first band, stood a little in the back of the hall - and got in front soon before Cryptic Lane started playing. I was taking photos all the time! Usually there's this rule I read about, that you can only take photos during the first 3 concerts. But since noone told me otherwise and there were no securities anyways, I just took photos during the whole show, which resulted in ~700 pictures being taken that night. xD

I know that I'm just a beginner, but I am super duper happy with how most of the pictures turned out! On many pictures the lighting is reaaaaaaaaaaaally bad though XD But there's loads of great pics as well! After Cryptic Lane most of our group left the hall itself and we stood infront of the merch and talked. I sat down on some stairs and took a look on my pics, when some friends joined me, and later the bass player as well! (asdjkakeh) xD

And the evening was just getting started! I didn't wanna go into the hall again with the camera, and most of us didn't care for Mob Rules anyways, only later, when Layment played, some got back into the hall. About 6 of us though left the concert part of the Matrix and went over to the disco part. AND FUCK this hall and disco is amazing - it has some floors where different music is being played, and one of it is the Rockpalast (=Rock palace, in case you didnt figure that out already) and we just sat on different floors, enjoyed the music and chilled - it was surely great, and I'd love to do it again soon with all of these guys! ♥

Since we are all from the same town anyways, we took the same train back home, and walked the last meters together. It was great fun and I think I have made loads of new friends ;) It was great. Just plain great!

also, check out their Single "Kill the oppression"! 

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Zoo [Part 2]

So here is the second part of my photopost of the Zoo ♥

 Deffo not as lazy as you'd expect it to be ;D

I really wanted to take him home with me *_* 

Can you see that? can you fuckin see that? they had actual REAL bats in there! they were hanging RIGHT ABOVE US! 

A cutie Kangaroo ;)

Later we still took some 'family pics' and stuff but yea, that's not gonna be online :'D
Anyways, I had a great day in the Zoo - it was loads of fun and I saw some really 
beautiful animals! (I loved especially the tigers, lions and leopards and stuff. meow~)

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Zoo [Part 1]

On May 1st, my mama, her boyfriend, his nephew and I went to the Zoo in Dortmund.
You know, I love the Zoo and I love taking pictures of all these exotic animals ♥
So I am going to share with you how much fun I had ♥

(last time i went to this zoo, the tiger wouldn't move at all, this time he moved to much. 
Wtf tiger, wtf -.-
and, take a look at this. this is me 4 years ago, in front of the sime tiger, same spot (oh, i look so drugged there. what happened) 

Hakuna Matata, Say Hi to mister Timon! :)
a shame i didn't get a chance to meet mister pumba as well.... :/

And, this was it - Part 1 is over! Part 2 is to be expected soon! ;)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dip-p-p-p-p died!

You know whaaaaa~at?! 
Recently, I bought the Carnation Pink directions from Jasmin~
And theeeeeeen~
I dip died my hair in piiiiiink! :3

Annnnnd... basically I took about 50000 photos of it that all look the same. 
Here are a few at least :3

But I didn't bleach my hair before dying it so basically the color only lasted for this one week and now it's still there but you can barely see it. 

BUT STILL it looked great and next time I'll bleach it as well so it'll stay in longerrrr

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rock in den Ruinen! ^O^

ahhhh yesterday was such a nice day. I was worried it would e awkward and boring, but it was really great! A friend and I went to "Rock in den Ruinen" in Dortmund! 

The day started out with me... missing my train, ofc. So i sat at our main station for haaaaalf an hour to wait for it and wait and wait. and i made a shocking discovery.

The emo's are back. And they are here. it was weird. there have never been emos here and now so many show up out of nowhere xD

Anyways, so I went to Dortmund, where Rock in den Ruinen took place. The location in Hörde was really nice, the ruins looked so cool, it'was amazing! I'm planning on going there again soon to take loads of photos! ^-^

But seriously I felt so comfortable there. all rockers and metalheads and stuff. i loved it. I can just imagine how great it'd feel to go to Wacken one day haha :D

The music was great, even though I didn't know any of the acts that actually played haha :D
But it was really nice. we sat down ion the grass alltogether and talked and it was loads of fun!

It was so warm when I went there as well, so I went in just a t-shirt and shorts.
I probably shouldn't have done that.

IT GOT SO FREAKING COOOOOLD! damnit! i knew it was gonne be cold later, but i didn't expect it do be THAT cold, really.
But it was still a great day.
In the end, another friend even drove me home XD

So we left the festival grounds and went to the parking space.

In the parking lot, there were only 2 cars.
One was the one of a friend, obviously. The other was standing in the dark.
I just saw 4 heads in there, and a naked body.
I think I don't have to tell you what they were doing there.
When we drove off, and turend on the lights, they shone directly in the other car.
I saw the girl lift her head, grinning, signing "rock on \m/" with her hand and going back to what she was doing before. IT WAS HILARIOUS I CAN TELL YOU.
I will probably never ever forget this!

On our way home we stopped at McDonalds and spent almost 2 hours there xD
until that McDonald's actually really closed. (so much for "opend 24hours haha) :D
Then, we all drove home and said bye. It was a really nice day!
I hope I can go with all of them again next year, it would be great!