Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Market, Oberhausen, Germany.

To Yui, and everyone out there who is interested in it, a post with pictures from the Christmas Market in Oberhausen!

I figured it would be easiest to put it into a blog post, so here it is! :)

you can watch people make sweets here~


 More Food! (^ω^)

Käsespätzle mit Zwiebeln (OvO)

and yet more food ~~

Huge Nutcracker~


My favourite Christma Food ☆彡

Grillschinken mit Krautsalat ❤
(It looks a bit disgusting but it actually really tastes awesome! :D)

So, this is the end then~ Sorry the pictures are so blurry, I only took them with my iphone and it was dark and people were pushing all the time^^

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Halloween! [#1] || Wow I am so late...


So let me start 2 weeks before Halloween first, on the day my fall break started. 
During October, the Movie Park Germany, an amusement park not very far from me has a huge event called "Halloween Horror Fest" - And it's amazing.

Halloween Horror Fest - that means Zombies, monsters, horrible creatures running around a part of the movie park every thursday to saturday from 5pm onwards! AND THE MAZES! They put mazes in some old, I think even mostly unused places (for example the Baboo Twister in what was a guide about movie making years ago, but hasn't been used in ages, or the Deathpital which is in a warehouse at the very end of the Park; AND OH I LOVE IT!

A friend of mine got to work there in the "Nickland", turning little children into pumpkins and ghosts with makeup, or drawing on scars and whatnot, and so she got tickets for us for half the normal price! Yay! 

And honestly, it might be tough to work there, as far as I've heard people are quite rude to the poor monsters, but I really do want to work there if possible!

So just because I loved it so so so so much, here are a few pictures!

Those were only the pictures taken with my digital camera, they are not very good (really, it's a horrible camera. wish I would have taken my dslr with me ://)
Me and my friends took plenty more pictures, with my phone, but they are still on the phone and apparently the blogger app doesn't like my wi-fi too much. Bummer. But yay! Finally at least some pictures (finally at least a post!)

(Also I am deliberately trying to upload a blog about a Christmas market right now, but since I'm trying it with my phone you can guess it doesn't work too well. I'll keep on trying though! Wish me luck!)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

School is annoyingggg


I haven't been writing anything for quite a while once again-
I really want to write more, but I just don't know what to write about.

Nothing much is happening, and school is being quite bothersome with all the class tests at the moment. Aready wrote history and english tests, this week I still have a latin test to write as well!  :/
But then again, It's only a few days until fall break starts, and with it comes Halloween so soon! :3 yay!
So I might have a tiny bit more to talk about... well, we'll see about that^^

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Hello there~

It's been a while- once again, I've been neglecting my blog horribly!
I wanted to write about my time together with my beloved cousin, my time as voluntary helper at the Color Run Dortmund and my trip to Amsterdam, but I felt so lazy, and now school has started, and I feel even more lazy.

I always write so much on here, but in the end, it's like i write nothing at all.
Many words that don't say a thing.

It's been getting colder very quickly. When I leave in the morning, there's a heavy fog outside and it's raining all the time. I think I will have to start wearing my winter coats already, and my mom and I are already using the heater - IN SEPTEMBER!

I've been reading a lot recently. Completely addicted to each and every little book, I'm astonished by myself! I've re-read City of Bones and am currently re-reading City of Ashes, as well as Faunblut. I've also read a random book I bought for 1€ the other day, as well as Clockwork Princess, and Stephen King's "It" and Anne Frank's Diary (which I bought in Amsterdam) and a book my bestie gave me. Everything at once. I don't even know where to start, I just know I wanna reaaaad! :)

Now, it's late already and I gotta sleep!
Good night :3

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Holidayayayay in Karlovy Vary!

So as nobody bc no one reads this you may have noticed, I have not written anything for a long long long time! This was mainly because nothing at all happend - and because I have been on holidays for 3 weeks! Yay! 

The school year finally ended, and my dad took me to Karlsbad/ Karlovy Vary, in the Czech Republic with him, his wife and my youngest step-sister! We were staying with a relative in Pila, which is a (very very very) small village a few km away from Karlovy Vary, but it is really very nice there! All quiet and loads of nature :)

The biggest challenge in the Czech Republic was probably not being able to understand ANYTHING. I learned a few words through said relative, but not nearly enough to understand everyone.
Don't put waste there!

Dobrý den - Actually means Good morning, but is said all the day (confused me. a lot.)
Děkuji - Thanks
Ahoj - Hello, or Bye, like Ciao in Italian or Salut in French!
Prosím! - Please (also used if you answer the phone, for example)

The City, Karlovy Vary, is probably one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen!
The Grandhotel Pupp 
(also, this is apparently the Hotel used as Hotel Splendide in James Bond Casino Royal, according to Wikipedia ;D)

If you ever go to Karlovy Vary, buy one! At this shop!
They are the best! You can buy them everywhere but they are tastiest there!

CZK (600czk = 20€)

The city from above (a bit XD)

So really, in my eyes, Karlsbad is one of the nicest cities I've ever seen, with it's pretty buildings everywhere! If only it wasn't that hot when we were there...  *sigh*
But I still enjoyed getting to see this beautiful city!
Though I'll choose my travel-buddys better next time orz.

I will put even more pictures on my facebook soon! :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

~Vertical Labret~

This saturday, I finally realized my long term dream of a new piercing! Yay! ♥
 I first saw it when someone posted something about the swedish blogger Johanna Herrstedt on facebook & I was so stunned by this piercing, i've wanted it ever since. 

Now finally FINALLY my mother properly listened to me as I explained this piercing, and her boyfriend even helped a bit, so I was allowed to get it! 

So on Saturday, I went to Dortmund with Denise, from my latin class, to get it done!
I was actually horrified when I took the train, I was literally feeling sick, I felt like I was gonna puke of excitement and fear, and when I finally got off the train my legs were shaking. Holy fuck. 

Anyways, even though I was scared, I really REALLY WANTED THIS! 
So we went to the Halloween Store and filled out the formula and get it done.


I don't regret it at all!
It looks wonderful, and I keep checking it in the mirror. The pain was deffo worth it!
And if I say pain.
Like, it doesn't take long to put the needle through the lip, but that was the most painful minute of my entire life.
But the pain wore of in a few minutes, and I started taking (nonsense, as usually) and giggling a bit hysterically (have been since saturday) soon after. 
When I got home, the first thing i noticed was: "I CAN STILL EAT WITHOUT DYING OF PAIN!" and the second was "But I can't drink properly...." so now I bought 400 (!!!) plastic straws to help me :3 

Also, my lower lip is about twice as big as it usually is, and a bit blue in the middle and on the inside of the lip. 
That looks very unhealthy. Very.

The whole thing still feels a little weird, but it absolutely doesn't hurt at all anymore (as long as I don't accidentally hit it). I can even kiss my mommy goodnight without pains - I probably won't be out for some nice make-out session anytime soon though - life can be so mean sometime :')

Monday, 3 June 2013

Blümchen ✿

Herz an Herz hörstst du mich 
S.O.S. ich liebe dich 
ich und du immerzu ich und du.

I actually forgot about that! I wanted to add the pictures from the last wednesday to my last blog entry, because that was the blog entry actually about that night XD

The first time since march 1st I actually dressed up all 90ies with Jasmini to get free entry again! Whoop!

Blurry full outfit pic is blurry~

Well anyways,  I saw this skirt in Dortmund the other day with Louisa and I was already thinking of buying it because JUST LOOK AT IT!
It's a metallic pink high waist skirt! It's everything I ever wanted! 
And it's sooooo comfy! :D
The bow is the same I wore march 1st, selfmade with the broken sewing machine (which is hopefully getting fixed this week!!!)
I got the shirt in america for only 1$ when I was there, it's one of far too few pieces I bought there~ ♥

Also I took the chance to wear my Doc's again after a while^^
They are still a bit uncomfortable because of that hard whatever it is in the back, so I rarely wear them, which is pretty sad actually. Been working on this with my new best friend, the hammer though, and my feet didn't hurt at all, so I guess it must've worked! :D

Friday, 31 May 2013

Earth to earth...

It is really weird, what a fight shows us about... things.
Anything, really. During fighting, and making up, we start noticing things. 
Little things. 
Yesterday was a way to weird night for me to handle.
I wasn't even close to being drunk but still, it's like I forgot most of what happened. 
I often forget things very quickly when they have been unpleasant for me. I forget when teachers tell me I did bad in class, I already forgot that I wrote exams because they went bad 8D I forgot most about my primary school time, usually the parts spend with my family. I could tell you exactly what my best friend at that time told me on some day back then, but not a thing my father has said to me during primary school at all, except for some, 4-5 minor happy memories. 
So saying I forgot most of it basically means it sucked. Bad.
It was all just weird and messed up and ugh. 
Yesterday, I was asked to smile. 
I did. 
And the question was repeated, with another connotation to it.
I was asked to smile an honest smile. He asked a couple of times if I remember correctly. 
I wasn't particularly sad at that very moment, but tbqh it was the first time anyone asked me to smile. Like, really smile. 
Also, I got to know a friend of my bestie's new bf, and according to her, he thinks I'm cute. I wish that would help me get over someone else but no, my heart is still constantly against everything. Well, anyways, weird enough for me, I decided to tell him something about me during all that fighting, about my parents divorce which had a huge impact on my personal mental developement and... well actually I expected some kind of reaction that showed understanding, but it didn't. whelp. think i'm cute or not, chances are I don't give a fuck.
I need to make a decision in the near future. I think I know what Imma do in the end. 
I think I've gotten a different view on some things, all thanks to the funeral I went to last week. I wasn't mature enough to even think about that the last time, but this time was different. I don't think I can put it in words, really. If I did, you wouldn't understand it. 
Just wait until you're sitting in the church with someone dead in front of you, sobbing and sniffing of the relatives all around. It changes things. It changed me, and I think it changes everyone. At least a bit. But I can't say if it's a positive or a negative change.

Earth to earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to dust.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

日本デイ || Japanday! (*^▽^*)

Finally again it's the end of may, so it was time for the Japanday in Düsseldorf once again!

I wasn't too excited really. I can't get myself motivated to do anything lately, may it be going to School, Düsseldorf, Concerts or Clubs, it's just like I don't want to. There are humans everywhere! (╯︵╰,) I really don't know what's wrong recently, ugh. Everything is too exhausting, even waking up. Let me just sleep forever and ever~

But STILL, I promised my bestie that I'll go there with her, so I did!
We thought it wouldn't be worth to spend the whole day in Düsseldorf this year, I mean, we know the drill. Arrive at DD central station, walk the street with the japanese shops, walk to the Rhine, maybe look at the stalls there (but only look, usually. Far to crowded to even attempt getting closer, and too expensive to even consider buying anything). Finally, after walking along the rhine a bit, chilling on my same old blanket on the lawn! (It's the fourth year I've been taking this blanket there with me already^^)

But, since it started getting cloudy just as we arrived at about 5pm, we skipped most of these steps. We tried getting plushies- I really want a Nemu Neko, even if it's only a small one, like, I've seen super duper small ones, maybe 10cm? Not much bigger anyways^^) And Jasmin tried to get one for her bf. But as I already mentioned - too crowded, too expensive.
We met with friends of Jasmin later on, and walked along the Rhine again, searching for food actually, but since it was getting a bit late and Jasmin didn't feel too well, she left along with her friends. I wanted to stay though, I just HAVE to stay till the Firework!

So, since I knew Kai was somewhere there I went to search him, and found him and Anissa and spend the rest of the evening sitting on their blanket, pretty much not moving an inch. As it got later it also got colder, and I was very very very glad I thought of bringing my blanket to cuddle into it, and also THIS wonderful invention:

I didn't know they were called space blankets in english omfg SPACE blanket now i feel like an ASTRONAUT! xD

You wouldn't belive what a huge impact this thin thing has, but It's really getting SO WARM under it! ♥
Thanks to mommy's boyfriend who's a voluntary firefighter and gives these to me ♥ Wonderful, wonderful things!

 And If you didn't think it was horrrible with the weather as it was, it started raining. RAIN.
I love rain when I'm cuddling with blankets and pillows on my sofa reading a good book, but not when I'm out in the cold, not even wearing proper pants! O:
Luckily, Kai's umbrella was big enough to shelter us 3 from the rain, and my little one next to me did it's best to keep my camera safe and sound and dry. (Didn't work too well... You can see water drops on every picture!)
Still, I was excited for the Hanabi, as always.

Japanese Fireworks >

So, here are my few good shots :3

I will upload more firework pictures to my later! :)