Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Everyone's posting lovely coords today, hahah I can't I'm running round in nothing more than tights and a shirt, nothing to show off (except maybe my super duper cute christmas panties with snowflakes on them. ☆)
Aaaaaanyways, Today my mom and her boyfriend spend the whole day with me, and we cooked and baked a lot!

I made another set of baiser, this time it worked MUCH better than last time, probably because I took a look at my watch for once! ;D

I really think they look better than the last ones.

The main sweet I got to bake today were not the Baisers though, no, it was something different. And muuuuch sweeter. (Just ugh the amount of sugar in it...)

With a ♥!

Uhm, back to Christmas, yea? :3 
Mom, her boyfriend and I had Raclette for lunch!
I didn't have this in years and it was greaaaat omnomnomnom! *_*

After that, we gave each other our presents.
Because my mom had some problems in her job and I already got a phone earlier this year, I didn't get very much, but I am still happy about what I got because it was given to my with love! (I'm getting a little cheesy here^^)
And my mom's boyfriend, he's just the cutest ever!
When my mom asked if I properly said thank you, he replied with yes, and she asked, in fun, ofc, if i have kneeled down and thanked him and he was like "No, she did something better, she hugged me!" Because it means a lot to him that I accept him as my mothers boyfriend, that was sooo adorable, really.
And then we all watched the Big Bang Theory marathon and were happy all together.
It was a really nice christmas eve, really <3 

I wish I knew the next days were gonna be this nice, but since I'll spend thim with the 'wrong' part of my family, who knows~~~

I hope everyone else had a nice christmas eve as well! Tis the season to be jolly, after all!

Saturday, 8 December 2012


So, I think i should actually update this blog again! yay! :D
I kno it's been quite a while since Halloween, but I put so much effort into my make-up, and I looked horrific, so I reckon I should actually upload some pics here! :D

I was a dead school girl, if it's not obvious enough^^;;

I went to the party with the mask on and everyone was like "Boo boring!" 
And then I took it off and


Oh and also, the weekend before Halloween I went to visit my lovely cousins, because they had a pre-Halloweenparty in her town!