Monday, 1 October 2012


A while ago I went to the hairdresser with my bestie, Krissi, and she asked me if I had time that same day, a saturday. I said yes, and she announced that I will go to see Clueso live with her in Dortmund, an open air concert! She wanted to go with her mother, but her mother couldn't go, so i was 'forced' to come along, since I'm not really into Clueso. Not at all. But she wanted me to, so as a good friend, I said yes, and I didn't regret accepting that offer!
After her appointment at the hairdresser, we shortly went to my place and thought town, and then off to the Westfalenpark!
I like to take pictures of walls kthxbai

When we arrived it was already pretty crowded, but we still got really far to the front!
The first support band was already playing!
we actually still got closer to the stage than this! We had an amazing view!

After them was some danish band, the singer was pretty hot.
our view from where we were! :)

Then a break, and Clueso came on stage, and I was really surprised. I didn't even know what that person looked like before XD
He's really handsome, and he has an amazing voice live! Really, the lyrics to the songs are great, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always really unique, and the show was great. He also chatted with the crowd a couple of times, and he's a really nice and sympathic person and he sure is loads of fun! :)

Apparently, he didn't wanna leave, so he played one encore, and another, and another and another, saying 'this is REALLY the last song now' every time, it was hilarious! :D

I really enjoyed the concert, and I think I became a mini-Clueso fan there! :D
Also, a girl i know went to the concert as well, she posted it on facebook. I thought "Look at all these people, I'm never gonne see her!" Guess who I met at the crowded subway station with thousands of people waiting for the train? Her! :D

*will upload some videos @my youtube
*will upload more pictures @my facebook