Friday, 20 July 2012

Jedward weekend ~ Team Flower Power~

After School finally ended on friday, lovely Kristina went to visit me, and took me to the central station in Dortmund, where we would finally meet our friends Lea and Julia from the Jedward Fandom! They were coming to visit [me] because I was alone at home anyways [I told my mom to leave for the weekend^^] and the Jedward concert was the next day! It was so exciting to meet them! Last time I saw Lea was in January, and I never met Julia before!

thanks Kristina for the picture~

don't mind the wrong link on the picture as i have changed my url quite a lot in the past years
thanks Krissii :)

We met them at the central station and went home, where we had dinner and planned everything for the next day - we woke up at 5am. Ughhh so early!
We got ready and took the train to Düsseldorf, though it didn't quite go as planned and we had to go to dortmund first. ya so much drama, krisiboo even fell :/
But, we still arrived at Düsseldorf Airport BEFORE the twins did, oh yea!^^

Oh Edward, you beautiful human being, it's incredible how much I love you.

And the moment when Edward stood right in front of me and I almost finally got a Jedhug and maybe a pic or/and signature - there was Liam that told him to leave the building. 
So ofc, all fans ran outside. Again, I was pretty close to Edward, when Liam decided to push all the fans again pretty violently, to get to him.
Gosh I know that man has to do his job, but stepping on peoples feet, hitting their breast or ramming his elbow into their ribs is not a habit he should keep, srsly.

So anyways, Liam got through to Edward, told him to get in the bus, and they left - and so did we. Went to the train station at the airport and took the next train to Dortmund, so tiring. There, the first thing we did was getting food at McDonalds, and then went to the hall. 
Gosh it was so boring at the hall, seriously, everyone was just sitting around waiting, being bored as fuck, and the little children ran around screaming. wtf.

the fab banner~

After what seemed hours of waiting and collecting signatures on my fab fanbanner which the twins didn't even get, we were finally let into the hall. 
It was a big disappointment in my eyes though. I knew it would be seated, because the Stadium in which the concert originally was supposed to take place at was seated as well and we payed for seats but still. I imagined it to be at least a little... better. The seats were meeeeeters away from the stage, and basically we were further away then imagined. We were allowed to stand up during the concert, but we were not allowed to leave the rows of seats or stand up on the seats(which Julia and I did nonetheless^^)
Seriously, I was so bad,  i felt so sad and kinda depressed. 
really, they should've just taken the seats away then, it would've been a thousand times better. Julia and I talked to one of the security people and he even agreed with us, saying that he thiks it sucks as well but he unfortunately can't change anything as well. 
Seriously, I think everyone hated it. Who even got that stupid idea?
And ofc the twins barely saw the banner like that and there was no way of passing it to them. -.-
/rant over.

Oh, I also took some pictures of the actual concert, you can find them here, as well as videos and other random fanart/stuff that's got to do with the twins^^!

After the concert, we left the hall and found out that the twins had already left as well, so we hurried to the subway station. On our way we saw some of the people visiting the Flower Power Party in the big Westfalenhalle.
Wish I could've joined them. ☺ 
haha ;D 
In the end the 4 of us decided to call ourselves Team Flower Power now, since the name "team awesome" seemed to be in use in the fandom already.
so, we hurried to the station, took the next train to düsseldorf and hoped to still see the twins, and maybe give them my banner as well - but unfortunately, they had already checked in when we arrived. So sad, I've been waiting for this day for month now, have been so excited, and now - well nothing happend. 
It was so depressing, really.

In the end we went home again, where we then made Pizza at 2am, just to go to sleep seconds later. We ate the pizza in the morning, as breakfast then XD 
We had to wake up early once again as well, because we needed to take the girls Dortmund Central Station, they left us again.

And then, something happend. 
The Unfollowing.
As we were on the train the twins tweeted it.
They would unfollow all the fans they previously follwed.
And guess what?
We partied.

I would've loved to get a follow from the twins one day, but seriously, it's way better this way. That makes all the fans equal again. Sure, the people followed complain, that it might not change anything, but it actually does. I've seen loads of people that seemed to feel all high and mighty just cause the got a follow, people that would almost act as if the knew the twins. It was the best idea ever!

But our joy left when we took the girls to their trains, and went back home. Kristina left as well, and as I set alone at home I felt terribly lonely. 
Giiiiirls, come back soon! >.<

Team Flower Power will reunite so soon, luckily, on august 25th! Ahhhh~ Can't wait to have a good time with them!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Conclusion School Year & Working experience

So. last week the school year has officially ended, and now it's holiday time!
I thought since this was all a really exciting year for me, I should write some kind of conclusion post & here it is.

After I failed last year and needed to completely repeat a whole year, I came into a new class with loads of people I didn't know. In my whole year, of people who are all 2 years younger than me, there was only one person i know, and I felt really lonely at the beginning. It was hard to get used to the situation, and I mostly stayed away from the new people and only talked to my friends from before.
I just thought that I don't even want to find any friends in my new class. Since I had a huge fight with a person very important to me just before holidays last year, and I had troubles with other friends as well, I thought "If I don't make new friends, there will be no new people to hurt me." Because obviously fights and stuff with your friends is loads worse than bullying. And I know what I'm talking bout, srsly.

Anways, the first 2 month have been especially hard for me and I was just really unhappy with the whole situation. Then I saw Jedward live, and that changed most of my life - idk why, they have such a big impact on my life! I became happier over all, and more optimistic, and I started talking more to the people in school, and I made a few friends as well! In february i've been to the birthday of a classmate, and it was the first time i was invited by my new classmates, it made me so so happy!

Also, I got so much better in school than I've ever been before! My grade point average (is that the right way of saying? XD) is 2.7 so rreally not bad at all! I'm so proud - and I even wanna be better next year! It feels good <3

The year was one of the best things that could ever happen to me - though I'm really gonna miss my friends from my old year when they finish school next year :'(

Anyways, I'm excited to start the new school year with all these nice people i met this year again!

And now, to the working experience.
I had to work in a book store for 2 weeks. I've already worked in 2 other bookstores before, because no photographer seems to want me :/
Anways, I love books, and I could always kinda work close to the teenagers/fantasy books and i loved it.
The people there were really nice, and I got along so well with everyone, it was awesome.
The only problem: It was so fuckin exhausing. I swear, you won't believe how heavy books are, and you have to bow down, take them, and put them somewhere in the shelves, which are already packed with books, so you need to move them ALL around to put other books there and it's really just physically exhausting work. I was even allowed to do a little less work because the others said I shouldn't ruin my back, they've already all ruined theirs anyways... D:
It was fun and all, and it was really not too bad, nothing I could really complain about.
But it is DEFINATELY not what i want to do later. no.
But I got a 15€ book voucher afterwards. only problem: the book i want comes out in september. german translators, hurry the fuck up.
(I'd buy it english, but i've got all the other books in german and it would look so nice in my shelve. i will buy all the english ones later anyways~)