Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beware! Me is gonna rant! Topic: Internet

 DO TAKE NOTICE: I ALREADY WROTE THE SAME TEXT AND POSTET IT ON MY TUMBLR LAST AUGUST. But I re-read it and i felt like it needs to be on here as well. 
I still feel the same about it anyways.

especially fights over the internet. 
I noticed lately, how often people, me including, fight over the internet. 
“You unfollowed me” “you didn’t talk to me” “you talk shit” “stop posting depressing posts”
really people?

Shouldn’t we all better stay happy and stop fighting? 
Usually it’s out of the most stupid reasons. Like a kinda depressing post.
Someone says “Why are you posting stuff like that?” And you get angry, because you think “It’s my decision what i post.” And I tell you, never, EVER answer anyone when you’re pissed. Don’t even dare to talk to them. This is the worst you can do. Because then, you don’t say what you really want to say. You react childish. Or saying things like “Oh, thanks for unfollowing me, btw”
Online, we tend to forget we have actual human beigns we talk to. I notice, when I’m online, I react really really different than I do in real life, because that perosn is not right in front of me.

And then we fight. We get agressiv, for the most stupid reasons.

I lost my best friend like that last week (actually some time in july), and I’m still crying. I don’t know what she thinks about everything, because we could not talk. And online, she just blocked me, so I could not explain anything to her.
Fighting on the internet is the worst.
Please, everyone. Stop that.
Please, think before you respond when you are about to fight online. Because sometimes, you might not get the chance to get that important person you might loose back. Please, everyone, think about that.
It will just make you sad. And we all don’t want to be sad, right?

Please, think about that, and respect every person, their character, decisions, tast in music, clothes or even people. Please, don’t be mad at them because they did not tell you something. Don’t be angry because they responded in an angry way. Please.

We are on twitter, or tumblr, or facebook to be connected. I found so many friends on twitter (MAD Family, i love you ♥) and I think that’s what the internet is for: to make friends or keep contact with friends - not to argue.


Thanks for reading. I hope some people read it, and realise what the internet has made of us.

I love all my friends - if in real life, or on twitter, or facebook, or tumblr. I really do!
Peace ♥ 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Tooooday... OwO

I just have to get everything from today off my chest. 
It was weird, somehow. haha :D

Well, first of all there was school. I'm getting closer and closer to my new classmates, which is a great thing, but I'm kinda scared as well. People who are close to me... tend to hurt me and be mean, and if they are nice, I talk to them all day and can't concentrate. 
My grades were so great at the beginning of this year, but they all dropped a little, now I have to pay a huuuuge effort in getting better grades again!

Also, a friend might get me a job as a concert photographer soon! He knows a band that is playing on may 1st; and he said he could ask their vocalist if i can take photos of them on stage! That's so cool! Wouldn't it be great if it worked?! 
This weekend, I was also taking pictures of a Firework at the "Ruhr Universität Bochum"- a huge University here. They had some kind of Ball there, and not everyone can just participate there. But since my mom's boyfriend is in the volunteer fire brigade, he took me there with him and I could take great photos! I mean, look at these!

all the pictures turned out so pretty ^___^
I'm getting closer and closer to my dream.

After school, I went to Dortmund, and found some random homeless stranger smiling at me, nodding at me as if he wanted to say "Have a nice day, young lady".
You know, people always tell you how it's cute when people smile at you like that.

Noone ever mentioned how creepy it actually is.
Cute, but seriously creepy. XD

well, this was my blog entry for today, and basically also for last weekend, cuz except for the firework, nothing much happened. Jasmin and I went to Dortmund and to her place, I bought her directions (and promptly forgot them XD) OUR DOKOMI TICKETS ARRIVED and basically, that's it- so bye byeeee~ ♥

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Friday the 13th! 13.04.2012 ;D

So, I just wanted to write a quick blog about Friday the 13th of last week!

It was the day my best friends Jacqueline and Carla celebrated their 18th Birthday together!

It was in a small location next to the local swimming pool, and you could see the pools from the location, and we were all so tempted to jump into them... haha :D

It was a Motto Party, the Motto was "Like a Sir" or "Like a Lady" in combination with nerd stuff, like mustaches, and nerd glasses... though i went there without anything nerdy, i was walking around with nerd glasses or top hats all the time (thanks to Jasmin and Niklas haha :D) 

me and Jasmin's Nerd-glasses

with Niklas's Top Hat

Deerp. Jasmin and me :D

Basically we all just swiched assecoires around hahaha :D 

But it was so much fun! :))

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Happy Easter~!

First of all, a belated happy easter to everyone! :)

and then, i realized I didn't write a blog entry since holidays started! I guess I was just too lazy! XD

I love holidays, and I loved staying up late, getting up late, and not doing anything at all for 2 weeks.......
Though, I still had to leave the flat. On monday, i had to do the shopping, for my mom ordered me to bake yummy pizza! And, while I was already in town, I also bought Jessie J's album! And it's just great! ^^

And then, on Tuesday, i baked my yummy pizza:

it was reallly yummy! *___*

On Wednesday, I visited my grandparents, like I always do on wednesdays! :)
(and I even made myself feel pretty ^__^)

On Thursday, I went to Dortmund together with Kristina, were I bought the new Evanescence Album! I really love it, Amy Lee's Voice is still amazing after all! :D
Also, I got it for 6,99€ instead of 9,99€, because some person working at the Saturn I bought it at put the wrong price on it, muhahaha :D
After that we went to the Bookstore. Clockwork Prince is STILL not out in German. UGH. Felt so tempted to just buy the english one, but first, I want all the books in german, because it just looks nicer to have them all looking alike in german haha :D
Then, we went to eat "Currywurst mit Pommes" in some little restaurant, it was really yummy, though a little expensive, but I will probably go there more often from now on :D

Later, we took the train back home and went to her place, while on the way we stopped at a playground and acted like little kids. but it was fun (and i ripped my trousers, ofc. XD)

We're the Queens of the Playground X'D 

But then, it was time we went to her place, to turn on the TV!
 Because this evening, it was my first time watching GNTM! 
And you know why? Bill Kaulitz xD
(I kinda do feel embarrased to say I watched it because of him. it's weird. Tokio Hotel have always been my guilty pleasure :D)

It was so much fun fangirling together with her! :D 

And then, it was friday~ and I didn't do anything.
And then, it was Saturday~ and I thought I wouldn't do anything.

But, I did. My mam and I went swimming together, and after that shopping, and then, we went to the cinema. We watched "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and it's a great movie! I really advise you all to watch it, I had so much fun. It's a really cute movie, kinda sad and seriousy at parts, but also very amusing! :)

And I baked "Struwen" - my granny told me bout them. She always got them on easter asw a kid! ^_^

And on Friday, I went to see my daddy cuz of Easter. I GOT SO MUCH CHOCOLATE. O____O

And you know who I met there? my cute step-niece, once again! ♥

She was building towers with me :))


and, I went to visit my aunt and that part of the family as well, kinda boring!

Sooo; i had a great week already! So sad that in a few days I'll have to go to school againg. ugh.

Bye bye ♥


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Palmkirmes! || NYAPPY!

Ahhhh I'm actually really sorry I didn't write any Blogs bout what's happening since the choir trip :D

But I don't think I will do them now... instead, I will just move on xD

Yesterday, my mom, her boyfriend and I went to the Palmkirmes in Recklinghausen. The carnival is always loads of fun to go to, I love it! The Palmkirmes is a pretty big carnival and I am actually shocked that I never went there before, since it's so close! :D

Well these are some quality pictures, right? :D

I didn't go on any carousels though, they are far to expensive and boring - I will go to an amusement park with my mom, her bf and his nephew soon though! :D

Yesterday, mom's bf won me some cuuuute stuffed animals! I got Hello Kitty! And PacMan! And Maaaario!~

And, I cut my wigs fringe tonight. It's a lot shorter than it was before, but still not short enought actually. BUT I'M AFRAID! If i cut off more, I fear it will look... stupid? because i never cut any hair... except my own when I was four, it looked horrible 8D