Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'mSorrrySorrySorry - It's Cryptic Lane's fault! :P

I wanted to update on Sunday already but well, there was just no time at all! 
So so so busy!

On Saturday, I went to Recklinghausen to follow my dream~
-poetically said-
Well, a band I know personally through a friend had their album release show, 
and since I know them, I asked them (once again!) If I could take pictures at their show - and that's just what I did! 

(These Pictures won't be on my photography facebook, but on my personal one. 

You can see them on their Facebook page though, since I posted them there! 


Their first album ever SIGNPOST - OUT NOW

AND i swear you guys, it's awesome! It's so great! I've been hearing it all the time since saturday when I came back home! Like, I thought it would be pretty nice, but I didn't expect this awesomeness at all, I'm absolutely in LOVE with it!
And the gig was amazing as well! Though the location was pretty small, tiny, kinda, it was full of people and the guys literally rocked the place! It was awesome, so much fun!

(And my album is signed :P)

I won't be posting any of the pictures here this time, since, as I said, they are on facebook, and really, I'm not yet finished editing all of them, and my computer is DYING because of all the photo editing software i am using at the same time - Photofilter, Photoscape, Gimp and Photoshop elements. danmn. O: (As soon as I get a bit of money in my hands again I'll buy Lightroom! :D)

Anyways, you should totally check Cryptic Lane out! Their music is amazing, the guys are really nice- their singer, René, is sitting in my english class recently since he's studying anglistic. you should've seen my face when of all people he walked into the room. -dying!-

Wait, what was I about to say? oh right! CHECK THEM OUT!

Everything is Cryptic Lane and nothing hurts !

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 

(The more i write their band name the more weird it sounds, I'm gonna stop it now XD)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentines Cupcakes~ ♪

Baking life away~ This saturday was my besties birthday party and because it was valentines day that week, I made cute Valentines Cupcakes! 
(the recipe book said something of selfmade marzipan hearts but i cba to do that as well, so i just bought chocolate hearts ♥ :D

I feel like I was in Silent Hill or something!
Scary shit - but it did look pretty :3 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Choirtrip! ♪♫

So I went on a 4 days trip with my school's choir last week, yay!
Well, it wasn't only the choir, it was both choirs, the big band and the orchestra, and it was the 9th time to go along on that trip for me now, and it's always great fun! We're usually leaving on tuesday morning and we're coming back friday morning. It's only a short time, but a nice time!

This time we stayed in another town than usually, and.... well it was different :D
Our little group of 5 had the biggest room on the floor! Yay! And the youth hostel was not too bad actually... but it didn't have one of the big halls we usually spend the last evening at and the food was seriously THE WORST. I basically only ate cookies the whole week. I tried eating their food but got sick from it, yay -.-

But other than that it was a nice trip, really, and I had loads of fun!

On Tuesday, when we arrived, the first thing we did was having lunch - Ravioli - and the only lunch that actually tasted nice and didn't make me wanna puke my stomache out :')

Afterwards we got some time to get to the rooms and make our beds and unpack and stuff (I basically laid on the bed the whole time. who the heck even unpacks for 3 and a half days? I don't!). Just about 2 hours later we went for a walk through town, discovering the most useful store they have (and proabably the only big food store? omfg) where everyone did their daily cookie and other sweets shopping, and we went to visit a castle! I still have no clue what it was called, and though I wanted to go inside, I was the only one who wanted to, and we were not allowed to to stuff alone *sigh*

Stop-motioned myself in an attempt to try my new wireless remote release - it works! :D

The next day we did something EVEN MORE EXCITING! We visited STONES
(No but honestly. Stones.)
The 'Externsteine' who are famous. For being literal stones. HUGE stones, with stairs and a bridge and stuff and they are pretty epic actually.

Lovely. Thanks Jana for the Photo :D

Awesome stones!

Last evening of the trip make-up :3
(I felt odd without my bangs *sigh*)

Napping on random shelves.
I think they were actually for suitcases?
Idk but i didn't unpack anyways so no use of these things there :'D

The ride back home on the next day was AWFUL 
no really. Basically almost all of the boys, Jana and I stayed awake all night - we got some sleep at like 5.45am, for 2 hours, of which one was on a wooden bench, very much like the lovely shelve. 
I was TIRED, and I wasn't able to sleep on the bus, and certain things (more like people) got me to think a lot about the time I spent in school, since this might have been my last choir trip and I randomly started crying, school could've been so much better!
I could've made more friends!
I could've been less shy!
I basically send 6 years liking one and the same guy, being in a relationship for one month, ending it all with the most ridiculous and hysteric drama ever - only to forget I ever had feelings for him a week later :')
I could've loved more, 
I could've had so much more fun!
Instead, I let those bastards bully me and make it hell, without even tryna make it better!
Ahhhhh I regret it so much!

There will probably be more pictures on my facebook soon :3

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


The German Carnival - Helau and Alaaf! 
I'm fortunately living right in North Rhine Westphalia, close to the biggest Carnival celebrating cities in germany - Düsseldorf and Cologne!

Kölle Alaaf
Düsseldorf Helau!

Carnival pretty much starts at 11/11 already, but the real celebration was this weekend, from Thursday until Today. 
Today was so called 'Rosenmontag' the main carnival day (in my eyes, I guess.)
You can see huge parades all over Düsseldorf and Cologne, most of the car's topics are political - I never  understood them as a child, but NOW I almost fell over laughing at some of them today!
There's also people on the cars (I'm NOT gonna explain why, that's really just too much^^)

Of course everyone is going there in a costume, except me, of course, because I don't own fancy costumes, but I dressed up nonetheless!

Some (unedited because no time, ever u.u) pictures of some cars and people of the parade!

Sweets I got that day <3

Monday, 11 February 2013

Matrix || Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Matrix is the name of a club in Bochum - just sayin' ;D
They have a special offer there: If you've had your birthday in the week before you visit the club, you can take as many people as you want in - FOR FREE.
You and all your friends: Free entry. No matter how many.
And that's what my bestie did! 
I love this club especially because it doesn't just play Charts  music like most clubs do,
it has different floors that also play nicer music, rock music, metal etc etc- the so called Rockpalace is one of them for example, and I love it! :3

& the outfit - I felt fab! 

BUT the reciepe was in italian.
You wanna know how good my italian is?
I can say following:

'Vorrei una pizza' 'Vorrei dei biscotti' 'ti voglio bene' and 'ciao'
(And that is all i learned from having an Italian bestie for about 8 years.
Well, the only thing I've learned from my polish bestie was 'Nadzdrowie', so at least...)

ANYWAYS, The cupcakes looked totally adorable, and you, well you could eat them.... But it wasn't necesserily what you wanted I guess. 
That's all. 
I was very sad that I had to throw away 8 of 12 cupcakes because I couldn't eat them anymore, and I couldn't ask anyone else to eat. This. 

Next week I'll be back with baking properly, I promise! 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sweet Vanilla Cupcakes ☺

A little late this week, but since I was busy on Saturday I baked on Sunday, and the Blog entry follows now!
Unfortunately I am unusually busy at the moment, so everything is getting delayed a bit *sigh*

Anyways, here are my Vanilla Cupcakes!
They were too warm when I put the topping on, so it melted a bit - nonetheless i think they look cute! :3

They were really cute and tasty, EVEN MY TEACHER SAID SO! 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Eating Ramen - Traditional Way!

My Summary of this morning: My hairdryer ate my hair - it hurt as hell and now I have to throw away the hair dryer AND a stand of my hair is now about 20cm shorter than it was before. I am not in a good mood.
That only happens when I want to let my hair grow out doesn't it, ugh.

Today *takes look at the clock* Well, Yesterday, 2 of my friends and I went to Düsseldorf again - first time in ages! Lou is already comfortable walking around there with me, through the japanese stores and all, but Eva was there for the very first time... I think I kinda shocked her? :D

She was fascinated because...Japanese x'D
We went to eat lunch at Takumi's, and it was great. I didn't notice they even had a traditional Japanese table there, until I read it on someone else's blog, and now we've been seated there! 

It was really funny, I never sat on a traditional japanese table and ate there (and their Ramen are just the best really *.*)

I forgot to take a picture of the actual Soup I had :')
It was really delicious, though I choose salt Miso, just to try it out and... it was really salty!
Better take something else next time!
The cup with the green tea is so pretty!

Eva and Lou both had Chicken Teriyaki Ramen & Mango Juice!

My mother was all shocked when I told her a ramen costs ~12€,
but really you get so much for it, you're full without eating up, and it's really nice!

After finishing Lunch we all went to the Japanese Garden- to take my OOTD pictures ♥