Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Party all night, sleep all day!

literally just partied and slept the first september weekend, fuck yea!
On Friday (31.8.), my lovely cousin Marie arrived here and we went to my longest friends 18th birthday party. I know Sophia since first grade, and though we are not best best friends anymore, we still get along very well!

We left early on, because Marie didn't feel so well, and on our way home some guys started following us being like "hey guuurls, you out alone at this time? should we go home with you ;))" - ewww, hell no..... oO 
But they quickly left us alone again, luckily!

Next morning we went to Marie's place then, also visiting my aunt and my sweet younger cousin Lilly ♥ 
While Mary went back to sleep again, Lilly and I went to Weilburg, where they have an old castle, where we took some pictures, also at the river Lahn and it was my first ever ride in a Peugot convertible that day, what an epic feeling! 

Weilburg has some awesome architecture, this bridge is only one example. There's loads of old buildings, most of them renovated and they look really fancy! 

 I mean, school sucks, but those nice old school buildings, I really like them loads.
Imagine living there, in such an old building!

Later that night Marie and I went to.... idek. something with L....? a tiny tiny village, like all of the villages there. I met her best friend Mo and 2 other boys, Patrick and Marc Kevin, and I met Kim who i got to know almost 2 years ago again! (I totally forgot what she looked like, because i was drunk when i got to know her. I knew that i knew her and she was nice, but didn't exactly know who she was OTL) But anyways Kim is amazing, so is Mo, Patrick is nice, and Marc Kevin is just plain weird and.... well he creeped the fuck out of me. 
We were at Marc's and Patrick's Place at first, drinking the stuff we bought before, with me almost choking on my vodka-orange because someone said something funny... i couldn't breath anymore, omg DX
I wish I had taken my camera with me that night actually, but I didn't... the party in L. was some annual festivity at an old castle ruin.... it was nice there, really nice!
Next year, maybe I'll go again and take the camera then!
We had such a fun evening there, dancing to that totally stupid music, and mary almost falling into the Lahn (I swear she did, she wanted to sit on the wall there but.... i tried to save her and got kicked on my chin as a reward, fu.. it still hurts.... XDD)

In the end we had such a great time, it was so sad we had to leave already. I hope I can get there soon again!
Sunday, we didn't do anything though. we slept, Lilly and I played on her Wii and then we left in the evening. 
Distance is a bitch! >.<

I miss everyone loads!

*wrote the date cuz it's  more than a week ago already^^