Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Everyone's posting lovely coords today, hahah I can't I'm running round in nothing more than tights and a shirt, nothing to show off (except maybe my super duper cute christmas panties with snowflakes on them. ☆)
Aaaaaanyways, Today my mom and her boyfriend spend the whole day with me, and we cooked and baked a lot!

I made another set of baiser, this time it worked MUCH better than last time, probably because I took a look at my watch for once! ;D

I really think they look better than the last ones.

The main sweet I got to bake today were not the Baisers though, no, it was something different. And muuuuch sweeter. (Just ugh the amount of sugar in it...)

With a ♥!

Uhm, back to Christmas, yea? :3 
Mom, her boyfriend and I had Raclette for lunch!
I didn't have this in years and it was greaaaat omnomnomnom! *_*

After that, we gave each other our presents.
Because my mom had some problems in her job and I already got a phone earlier this year, I didn't get very much, but I am still happy about what I got because it was given to my with love! (I'm getting a little cheesy here^^)
And my mom's boyfriend, he's just the cutest ever!
When my mom asked if I properly said thank you, he replied with yes, and she asked, in fun, ofc, if i have kneeled down and thanked him and he was like "No, she did something better, she hugged me!" Because it means a lot to him that I accept him as my mothers boyfriend, that was sooo adorable, really.
And then we all watched the Big Bang Theory marathon and were happy all together.
It was a really nice christmas eve, really <3 

I wish I knew the next days were gonna be this nice, but since I'll spend thim with the 'wrong' part of my family, who knows~~~

I hope everyone else had a nice christmas eve as well! Tis the season to be jolly, after all!

Saturday, 8 December 2012


So, I think i should actually update this blog again! yay! :D
I kno it's been quite a while since Halloween, but I put so much effort into my make-up, and I looked horrific, so I reckon I should actually upload some pics here! :D

I was a dead school girl, if it's not obvious enough^^;;

I went to the party with the mask on and everyone was like "Boo boring!" 
And then I took it off and


Oh and also, the weekend before Halloween I went to visit my lovely cousins, because they had a pre-Halloweenparty in her town!

Monday, 1 October 2012


A while ago I went to the hairdresser with my bestie, Krissi, and she asked me if I had time that same day, a saturday. I said yes, and she announced that I will go to see Clueso live with her in Dortmund, an open air concert! She wanted to go with her mother, but her mother couldn't go, so i was 'forced' to come along, since I'm not really into Clueso. Not at all. But she wanted me to, so as a good friend, I said yes, and I didn't regret accepting that offer!
After her appointment at the hairdresser, we shortly went to my place and thought town, and then off to the Westfalenpark!
I like to take pictures of walls kthxbai

When we arrived it was already pretty crowded, but we still got really far to the front!
The first support band was already playing!
we actually still got closer to the stage than this! We had an amazing view!

After them was some danish band, the singer was pretty hot.
our view from where we were! :)

Then a break, and Clueso came on stage, and I was really surprised. I didn't even know what that person looked like before XD
He's really handsome, and he has an amazing voice live! Really, the lyrics to the songs are great, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always really unique, and the show was great. He also chatted with the crowd a couple of times, and he's a really nice and sympathic person and he sure is loads of fun! :)

Apparently, he didn't wanna leave, so he played one encore, and another, and another and another, saying 'this is REALLY the last song now' every time, it was hilarious! :D

I really enjoyed the concert, and I think I became a mini-Clueso fan there! :D
Also, a girl i know went to the concert as well, she posted it on facebook. I thought "Look at all these people, I'm never gonne see her!" Guess who I met at the crowded subway station with thousands of people waiting for the train? Her! :D

*will upload some videos @my youtube
*will upload more pictures @my facebook    

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Party all night, sleep all day!

literally just partied and slept the first september weekend, fuck yea!
On Friday (31.8.), my lovely cousin Marie arrived here and we went to my longest friends 18th birthday party. I know Sophia since first grade, and though we are not best best friends anymore, we still get along very well!

We left early on, because Marie didn't feel so well, and on our way home some guys started following us being like "hey guuurls, you out alone at this time? should we go home with you ;))" - ewww, hell no..... oO 
But they quickly left us alone again, luckily!

Next morning we went to Marie's place then, also visiting my aunt and my sweet younger cousin Lilly ♥ 
While Mary went back to sleep again, Lilly and I went to Weilburg, where they have an old castle, where we took some pictures, also at the river Lahn and it was my first ever ride in a Peugot convertible that day, what an epic feeling! 

Weilburg has some awesome architecture, this bridge is only one example. There's loads of old buildings, most of them renovated and they look really fancy! 

 I mean, school sucks, but those nice old school buildings, I really like them loads.
Imagine living there, in such an old building!

Later that night Marie and I went to.... idek. something with L....? a tiny tiny village, like all of the villages there. I met her best friend Mo and 2 other boys, Patrick and Marc Kevin, and I met Kim who i got to know almost 2 years ago again! (I totally forgot what she looked like, because i was drunk when i got to know her. I knew that i knew her and she was nice, but didn't exactly know who she was OTL) But anyways Kim is amazing, so is Mo, Patrick is nice, and Marc Kevin is just plain weird and.... well he creeped the fuck out of me. 
We were at Marc's and Patrick's Place at first, drinking the stuff we bought before, with me almost choking on my vodka-orange because someone said something funny... i couldn't breath anymore, omg DX
I wish I had taken my camera with me that night actually, but I didn't... the party in L. was some annual festivity at an old castle ruin.... it was nice there, really nice!
Next year, maybe I'll go again and take the camera then!
We had such a fun evening there, dancing to that totally stupid music, and mary almost falling into the Lahn (I swear she did, she wanted to sit on the wall there but.... i tried to save her and got kicked on my chin as a reward, fu.. it still hurts.... XDD)

In the end we had such a great time, it was so sad we had to leave already. I hope I can get there soon again!
Sunday, we didn't do anything though. we slept, Lilly and I played on her Wii and then we left in the evening. 
Distance is a bitch! >.<

I miss everyone loads!

*wrote the date cuz it's  more than a week ago already^^

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Back to school~

Today was the first day of school again!

this. is. my. timetable.
idek if i like that or not...
today i had english advanced course, history advanced course and art....
I have history at another school, i quite like it, my friend from that school, a friend from my school, and my baby cousin are in my course. 
Hah. cousin. you were mean to me. watch out nau!

hmmm idek bout english. i don't know many people in that course, 
so i'm still sitting alone, like i've been a lot last year, but i'll find friends there eventually, 
also it's probably good i have noone to talk to so i'll focus on the lessons!

Art is. ugh i hate that teacher. he never likes what i do i think haha :D
but i think the year started out better than the last one and im sitting next to nice people!

I wonder what tomorrow is going to be like. 
I miss my holidays. I miss fangirling way too much^^

oh also, GD's teaser for the  "ONE OF A KIND" MV came out! 
I freaked out when I saw it this morning before school
Still don't know what I'm thinking bout his hair.
but still
one of a kind is amaaazinG!

'yes sir, i'm one of a kind' ♪

Monday, 20 August 2012

Düsseldorf, finally again!

On Monday, I finally went to Düsseldorf again, with Jasmin :3
I haven't been there for a long time now....
I needed to buy new rice and curry and algues anyways! I just bought food again *sigh*
I wanted to buy KERA but it was too expensive this time~
I tried to make an effort on my outfit, but I don't have many nice clothes...
and i need to lose weight, ugh. 
and my fringe looked weird the whole day. ^^
So here are some photos though :3

Daifuku... hmmm... I tried it for the second time now, I'm still not too sure what to think about it^^

My very own cute Bento Box <33

Jassi Bro <3 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Vacation at the Sea ♥

Just when I came back from Hamburg, I had to pack my suitcase again for a week at the sea with mommy!
The town we've been at is called Hooksiel, and it's basically a 2nd home to me.
The first time I've been there I was only 9 month old, and from then on i've been there every year until my parents divorced when I was 10. I went there again in 2008 and then again this year!
It as a nice week, no internet, only the tv, and i didn't even watch it a lot, but that tv had arirang and nhk so when i watched, i watched these! i've seen kawaii international with akira (asdaskje akira ♥) and i've seen some live event with SHINee as well, and a L'arc~en~ciel live, which was amaaazing!

I actually don't know what to write anymore, since really nothing happened.
Mommy and I went to Schillig, for a small kite-festival. We also went to Jever and Wilhelmshaven but there was really nothing so yea... we only watched tv, went to the beach and did some cycling.... Oh oh the beach was nice! the weather was not too bad and i could swin in the sea...! One day it rained a bit, but after the rain had stopped the water overall was actually higher and the waves were as well, so that for the first time that i can remember i was acutally not able to touch the ground with my feet only a few meters after going into the sea~ It was so much fun to swim with these waves ^w^

sheeeeee~ep! It was glaring at me. 
Think it was mad because it had to stand up and walk out of my way :D

my lovely small cutie pie kite :3

Shipwreck in the wadden sea @Schillig.
(will upload edited & more photos on my facebook if i ever get out of lazyness kingdom.)

I am NOT going to believe that this forest grew just like that.
That's impossible!

My new Bikini! And not only new, but also the first Bikini i wore in about 10 years!
I was so insecure about my body! Now I am a little happier with it ^w^

totes agressive crab here. seriously tried to attack me because i wanted to save it. hmph.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hamburg ♥

Hiya, now that I'm finally back from all my vacations, I will finally write my entry about my trip to Hamburg where I visited my uncle and cousin and met loads of wonderful people! and also one about my nice time at the north-sea! :)

In Hamburg,
I already met my lovely cousin and uncle right at the train station, but we didn't do much on thursday, just unpacking and that was it.
 On Friday, I met up with Mary and her best friend Flo, who is also a friend from me for a few years now. We went to the Mönckebergstraße, went to Saturn, where I bought Jedward's Young Love Album and a top from Pimkie, and then later Mary and I took cute pictures in a photobooth together :3

We also visited Mary's grandma, who I haven't seen in aaaages I think, and I met my other cousin, Lilly, and the other girls her granny babysits.
We still stayed there for quite a while and then went back to my uncle's place.
Mary actually lives at her grandma's place when in Hamburg, I live at her dad's but that night she joined me and we stayed awake on the laptops a while and had a really fun time. :3
Saturday morning me and my uncle went shopping on the Mönckebergstraße once again and I got some nice shirts (did I ever say how much i love Monki? It's the best shop ever!)
Later that day Mary and I went to the cinema, to watch The Five-Year engegement, and afterwards met someone we got to know on the internet actually!
He and his friend from Switzerland are on a journey through Europe right now, and they stopped in Hamburg, where we finally met up after years of talking online!
We went on the Kies and had loads of fun until the morning came.
Actually, we got off the subway at the Landungsbrücken, drank a little and went up to the Kiez. We also met a guy called Dude on the way (AND IT WAS HIS REAL NAME! IT WAS WRITTING IN HIS ID CARD!ajskd!) xD He was pretty cool and stayed with us the whole night, as well as the boys host Kristina (since the boys did this 'couch surfing' thing)
We went to c bar called the Clochard (my uncle told us about it.... such an ugly place) we stayed there for a while and talked and drank a bit, and later went to some club, idek where it was exactly, and danced till the morning came :D
Then at 6am we went to the Fischmarkt and at 8 finally went home.
My uncle was so mad when I came back, because he didn't know I'd be gone SO LONG and yea... I got 3 short hours of sleep after that, and then I had to clean up, as a punishment :D

Then we went to sea the big boat that was in the Hafencity that day!
 Queen Mary II

Another huge boat was in Hamburg, the Queen Elizabeth, but it was further away, up in Altona, so we didn't see it in the morning. Only in the evening, when my cousin and I went to see the "Goodbye" fireworks both ships were in the Hafencity, it was so awesome! I wish i could've just gone on board and stayed there!
Queen Elizabeth
The firework was nice, but it was still a little too bright outside, wish they would've made them later.

Actually on monday, the boys from Switzerland should've taken their train to poland, but they missed it (idiots. xD) and mary and i waited to say bye at the train station and these 2 didn't even come. :D

Later, after realising they had overslept, i met up with my younger cousin, Lilly ♥! we went to eat some ice cream, together with my uncle, and at his apartment played to games with mary and him and ate dinner together!
Later i went to Lilly and marys grandma's place, where i played a lot with Lilly on the playground right outside, and Mary and I met up with the Swiss guys again. We stayed until 3 am or something, and we had such a great time! Then we said bye because the boys had to sleep - in order to wake up in time for the next train the next day :D
Unfortunatley, it was raining when mary and I went home and we got soaked wet, and had to wait in the rain for the first train to come for like 2 hours, an eternity!

I slept at mary's grandma's place this night, but well, we didn't get much sleep anyways, because this time it was mary's job to wake up the boys to get the train. so we met them again just a few hours after saying bye, to say bye again. I was honestly so sad, we had so much fun, and noone knows when we might be seeing each other again :'(
Just after the guys left I also had to say bye to mary, and another few hours later i had to leave Hamburg completely, take my train home.
That were too many goodbyes for one day, i came home and fell into bed, being utterly depressed. *sob*

I had the best time EVER in Hamburg~ 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Jedward weekend ~ Team Flower Power~

After School finally ended on friday, lovely Kristina went to visit me, and took me to the central station in Dortmund, where we would finally meet our friends Lea and Julia from the Jedward Fandom! They were coming to visit [me] because I was alone at home anyways [I told my mom to leave for the weekend^^] and the Jedward concert was the next day! It was so exciting to meet them! Last time I saw Lea was in January, and I never met Julia before!

thanks Kristina for the picture~

don't mind the wrong link on the picture as i have changed my url quite a lot in the past years
thanks Krissii :)

We met them at the central station and went home, where we had dinner and planned everything for the next day - we woke up at 5am. Ughhh so early!
We got ready and took the train to Düsseldorf, though it didn't quite go as planned and we had to go to dortmund first. ya so much drama, krisiboo even fell :/
But, we still arrived at Düsseldorf Airport BEFORE the twins did, oh yea!^^

Oh Edward, you beautiful human being, it's incredible how much I love you.

And the moment when Edward stood right in front of me and I almost finally got a Jedhug and maybe a pic or/and signature - there was Liam that told him to leave the building. 
So ofc, all fans ran outside. Again, I was pretty close to Edward, when Liam decided to push all the fans again pretty violently, to get to him.
Gosh I know that man has to do his job, but stepping on peoples feet, hitting their breast or ramming his elbow into their ribs is not a habit he should keep, srsly.

So anyways, Liam got through to Edward, told him to get in the bus, and they left - and so did we. Went to the train station at the airport and took the next train to Dortmund, so tiring. There, the first thing we did was getting food at McDonalds, and then went to the hall. 
Gosh it was so boring at the hall, seriously, everyone was just sitting around waiting, being bored as fuck, and the little children ran around screaming. wtf.

the fab banner~

After what seemed hours of waiting and collecting signatures on my fab fanbanner which the twins didn't even get, we were finally let into the hall. 
It was a big disappointment in my eyes though. I knew it would be seated, because the Stadium in which the concert originally was supposed to take place at was seated as well and we payed for seats but still. I imagined it to be at least a little... better. The seats were meeeeeters away from the stage, and basically we were further away then imagined. We were allowed to stand up during the concert, but we were not allowed to leave the rows of seats or stand up on the seats(which Julia and I did nonetheless^^)
Seriously, I was so bad,  i felt so sad and kinda depressed. 
really, they should've just taken the seats away then, it would've been a thousand times better. Julia and I talked to one of the security people and he even agreed with us, saying that he thiks it sucks as well but he unfortunately can't change anything as well. 
Seriously, I think everyone hated it. Who even got that stupid idea?
And ofc the twins barely saw the banner like that and there was no way of passing it to them. -.-
/rant over.

Oh, I also took some pictures of the actual concert, you can find them here, as well as videos and other random fanart/stuff that's got to do with the twins^^!

After the concert, we left the hall and found out that the twins had already left as well, so we hurried to the subway station. On our way we saw some of the people visiting the Flower Power Party in the big Westfalenhalle.
Wish I could've joined them. ☺ 
haha ;D 
In the end the 4 of us decided to call ourselves Team Flower Power now, since the name "team awesome" seemed to be in use in the fandom already.
so, we hurried to the station, took the next train to düsseldorf and hoped to still see the twins, and maybe give them my banner as well - but unfortunately, they had already checked in when we arrived. So sad, I've been waiting for this day for month now, have been so excited, and now - well nothing happend. 
It was so depressing, really.

In the end we went home again, where we then made Pizza at 2am, just to go to sleep seconds later. We ate the pizza in the morning, as breakfast then XD 
We had to wake up early once again as well, because we needed to take the girls Dortmund Central Station, they left us again.

And then, something happend. 
The Unfollowing.
As we were on the train the twins tweeted it.
They would unfollow all the fans they previously follwed.
And guess what?
We partied.

I would've loved to get a follow from the twins one day, but seriously, it's way better this way. That makes all the fans equal again. Sure, the people followed complain, that it might not change anything, but it actually does. I've seen loads of people that seemed to feel all high and mighty just cause the got a follow, people that would almost act as if the knew the twins. It was the best idea ever!

But our joy left when we took the girls to their trains, and went back home. Kristina left as well, and as I set alone at home I felt terribly lonely. 
Giiiiirls, come back soon! >.<

Team Flower Power will reunite so soon, luckily, on august 25th! Ahhhh~ Can't wait to have a good time with them!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Conclusion School Year & Working experience

So. last week the school year has officially ended, and now it's holiday time!
I thought since this was all a really exciting year for me, I should write some kind of conclusion post & here it is.

After I failed last year and needed to completely repeat a whole year, I came into a new class with loads of people I didn't know. In my whole year, of people who are all 2 years younger than me, there was only one person i know, and I felt really lonely at the beginning. It was hard to get used to the situation, and I mostly stayed away from the new people and only talked to my friends from before.
I just thought that I don't even want to find any friends in my new class. Since I had a huge fight with a person very important to me just before holidays last year, and I had troubles with other friends as well, I thought "If I don't make new friends, there will be no new people to hurt me." Because obviously fights and stuff with your friends is loads worse than bullying. And I know what I'm talking bout, srsly.

Anways, the first 2 month have been especially hard for me and I was just really unhappy with the whole situation. Then I saw Jedward live, and that changed most of my life - idk why, they have such a big impact on my life! I became happier over all, and more optimistic, and I started talking more to the people in school, and I made a few friends as well! In february i've been to the birthday of a classmate, and it was the first time i was invited by my new classmates, it made me so so happy!

Also, I got so much better in school than I've ever been before! My grade point average (is that the right way of saying? XD) is 2.7 so rreally not bad at all! I'm so proud - and I even wanna be better next year! It feels good <3

The year was one of the best things that could ever happen to me - though I'm really gonna miss my friends from my old year when they finish school next year :'(

Anyways, I'm excited to start the new school year with all these nice people i met this year again!

And now, to the working experience.
I had to work in a book store for 2 weeks. I've already worked in 2 other bookstores before, because no photographer seems to want me :/
Anways, I love books, and I could always kinda work close to the teenagers/fantasy books and i loved it.
The people there were really nice, and I got along so well with everyone, it was awesome.
The only problem: It was so fuckin exhausing. I swear, you won't believe how heavy books are, and you have to bow down, take them, and put them somewhere in the shelves, which are already packed with books, so you need to move them ALL around to put other books there and it's really just physically exhausting work. I was even allowed to do a little less work because the others said I shouldn't ruin my back, they've already all ruined theirs anyways... D:
It was fun and all, and it was really not too bad, nothing I could really complain about.
But it is DEFINATELY not what i want to do later. no.
But I got a 15€ book voucher afterwards. only problem: the book i want comes out in september. german translators, hurry the fuck up.
(I'd buy it english, but i've got all the other books in german and it would look so nice in my shelve. i will buy all the english ones later anyways~)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Obsessions Appericiation Entry (BIG BANG)

Because I just have to tell you about the wonderful people that don't even know I exist but I still love them to pieces ♥

First of all, the german teen magazine POPCORN will be out tomorrow; and with it, I will buy a new LM.C poster for my wall. because popcorn will have an LM.C poster in it. asjdhjk. I forgive them all the shit they wrote and just fangirl now :3. Last month, the popcorn had a big bang poster which I know stare at for hours! XDD

 which was also the first one i listened to. He is truely amazing! :3
(which reminds me about an article about host clubs i read yesterday: there are some for girls who like boys, boys who like boys, boys who like girls, girls who like girls and girls who like boys dressed up as girls. (last one totally cracked me up, but it's so true tbh. XD)

Then; I found another big - no wait - HUGE obsession.... BIGBANG!
After I read Yuzuki's tweets with "Boom Shakalaka" in them I was curious enough to search for Boom Shakalaka on youtube, and this is what I found:

No really just look at them! ♥ 
(especially GD and TOP. ASJKDHASEJ^^)
In just one week i became a huge fan of them and i really started loving them, they are just so goddamn fantastic (baby) xDD

They are on tour right now, their first world tour.... There are no dates for Europe yet, but it's confirmed that they will come. Noone knows which countries or cities yet though. or how expensive it would be. 
But, I will save up everything I have for them! XD
Next month I think I will buy their album "Alive" 
And the month after that I really want their BIG BANG light stick!
asdghj. hadjksdhsjadk. 
No seriously. I'm obsessing over them SO MUCH right now. K-Pop FTW haha :D

Monday, 18 June 2012


Just a week after the Convention, a week after the Dokomi, it was time for the Japanday
2012, on saturday, June 2nd, as usually in Düsseldorf.
It was an exhausting but lovely day. Jasmin and I drove there pretty early.


Actually it was for the LM.C Fanmeet, but in the end there was noone at the main train station, so we got us some onigiri and went back to the central station again, because 3 friends of us were gonna arrive exactly an hour after us. We met them and all together went over the street with the japanese shops and to the rhine.

 As we arrived, Jasmin and I noticed it was time to meet Hanii at the central station, so we told our other friends to wait and left again, to get Hanii. The three of us now went to get some bubble slush and then got the message that the other 3 stopped waiting and left.

I swear, Hanii's chocolate with cocoa topping slush was the tasties! XD

Later, we went to the Burgplatz/ Rhine stairs, where we were supposed to wait for Vivi (who had even more Onigiri for us. omnyomnyom. Thank you sooo much Vivi, that was sooo kind from you and they were reeeally yummy!) and I got a sunburn on my nose. *sob* >-<

me & my baby ♥ (from Jasmin)

Cute Kigurumi girls. :)

I met Chii and Chiisai as well! I was so surprised and happy to see them! :)
After we met Vivi, we went to another meadow at the rhine, where we sat down for a while in the shadow... but not for too long, after a while we headed back to the first meadow. And I saw someone on our way back. Look who! :D

 I recognised the pullover immediately. :D

On our way to the meadow

So Hanii Jasmin and i sat at this other meadow for quite a while and, uhhh... derped around and creeped around, basically. Sometimes Son, a friend of Jasmin would be there, and later another friend from Jasmin and me met us (kind of by accident XD) and he stayed until the end.

(from Jasmin)

huuuug! (/*w*)/ (from Jasmin)

huuuuug the 2nd! \(*w*\) 

Rawr... ^^ (from Jasmin)

Hanii and my baby ^^ (from Jasmin)

Jasmini :3  (taken by me with Jasmins camera though^^)

cool camera pic (with Jasmin's cam)

Outfit pic ;D
(dunno why my legs are this far apart. how the fuck was i even standing?)





I know the pictures are not the best, but oft i didn't take a tripod with me, and this is how firework pictures turn out without a tripod, unfortunately. Though I really love the 3rd picture, it's awesome ♥

After the firework we had to say bye bye to Hanii and leave for the train station.
Gosh, the train back was soooo full of people, i thought I'd die!
Japan feeling until the very end LOL XD
But it was a great day anyways~