Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Obsessions Appericiation Entry (BIG BANG)

Because I just have to tell you about the wonderful people that don't even know I exist but I still love them to pieces ♥

First of all, the german teen magazine POPCORN will be out tomorrow; and with it, I will buy a new LM.C poster for my wall. because popcorn will have an LM.C poster in it. asjdhjk. I forgive them all the shit they wrote and just fangirl now :3. Last month, the popcorn had a big bang poster which I know stare at for hours! XDD

 which was also the first one i listened to. He is truely amazing! :3
(which reminds me about an article about host clubs i read yesterday: there are some for girls who like boys, boys who like boys, boys who like girls, girls who like girls and girls who like boys dressed up as girls. (last one totally cracked me up, but it's so true tbh. XD)

Then; I found another big - no wait - HUGE obsession.... BIGBANG!
After I read Yuzuki's tweets with "Boom Shakalaka" in them I was curious enough to search for Boom Shakalaka on youtube, and this is what I found:

No really just look at them! ♥ 
(especially GD and TOP. ASJKDHASEJ^^)
In just one week i became a huge fan of them and i really started loving them, they are just so goddamn fantastic (baby) xDD

They are on tour right now, their first world tour.... There are no dates for Europe yet, but it's confirmed that they will come. Noone knows which countries or cities yet though. or how expensive it would be. 
But, I will save up everything I have for them! XD
Next month I think I will buy their album "Alive" 
And the month after that I really want their BIG BANG light stick!
asdghj. hadjksdhsjadk. 
No seriously. I'm obsessing over them SO MUCH right now. K-Pop FTW haha :D

Monday, 18 June 2012


Just a week after the Convention, a week after the Dokomi, it was time for the Japanday
2012, on saturday, June 2nd, as usually in Düsseldorf.
It was an exhausting but lovely day. Jasmin and I drove there pretty early.


Actually it was for the LM.C Fanmeet, but in the end there was noone at the main train station, so we got us some onigiri and went back to the central station again, because 3 friends of us were gonna arrive exactly an hour after us. We met them and all together went over the street with the japanese shops and to the rhine.

 As we arrived, Jasmin and I noticed it was time to meet Hanii at the central station, so we told our other friends to wait and left again, to get Hanii. The three of us now went to get some bubble slush and then got the message that the other 3 stopped waiting and left.

I swear, Hanii's chocolate with cocoa topping slush was the tasties! XD

Later, we went to the Burgplatz/ Rhine stairs, where we were supposed to wait for Vivi (who had even more Onigiri for us. omnyomnyom. Thank you sooo much Vivi, that was sooo kind from you and they were reeeally yummy!) and I got a sunburn on my nose. *sob* >-<

me & my baby ♥ (from Jasmin)

Cute Kigurumi girls. :)

I met Chii and Chiisai as well! I was so surprised and happy to see them! :)
After we met Vivi, we went to another meadow at the rhine, where we sat down for a while in the shadow... but not for too long, after a while we headed back to the first meadow. And I saw someone on our way back. Look who! :D

 I recognised the pullover immediately. :D

On our way to the meadow

So Hanii Jasmin and i sat at this other meadow for quite a while and, uhhh... derped around and creeped around, basically. Sometimes Son, a friend of Jasmin would be there, and later another friend from Jasmin and me met us (kind of by accident XD) and he stayed until the end.

(from Jasmin)

huuuug! (/*w*)/ (from Jasmin)

huuuuug the 2nd! \(*w*\) 

Rawr... ^^ (from Jasmin)

Hanii and my baby ^^ (from Jasmin)

Jasmini :3  (taken by me with Jasmins camera though^^)

cool camera pic (with Jasmin's cam)

Outfit pic ;D
(dunno why my legs are this far apart. how the fuck was i even standing?)





I know the pictures are not the best, but oft i didn't take a tripod with me, and this is how firework pictures turn out without a tripod, unfortunately. Though I really love the 3rd picture, it's awesome ♥

After the firework we had to say bye bye to Hanii and leave for the train station.
Gosh, the train back was soooo full of people, i thought I'd die!
Japan feeling until the very end LOL XD
But it was a great day anyways~ 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

DoKoMi 2012

The day riiiiight after the Eurovision Song Contest was the day of the DoKoMi, a convention in Düsseldorf. The DoKoMi actually started on saturday already, but this year, Jasmin and I decided not to go on that day but only on sunday, which was partly because of the new prices. Next year we're going both days though~

The day started a little rough, because i couldn't reach Jasmin the night before and I had no clue which train we were gonna take the train. Only when I woke up I got her texts. I looked at my watch and figured if i hurried I'd still be in time - which I was! :D

At Düsseldorf Central Station we also met up with Hanii; yaay :3
I was very happy bout that because I rarely see Hanii. She actually doesn't live that far away, but the train prices are sooo expensive >.<
But now I saw her 3 times over a short periode: LM.C; DoKoMi and J-day! ♥

I was cosplaying Gumi's Balloon Moon if you were wondering....

Hanii Bro

Jassi Bro

The day was loads of fun but this year was kinda weird, it got a little boring very early on i guess. Hoping next year will be better ♥

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Phoenix Lake [26/05/2012 - Photopost]

For a while now, there has been a new lake in Dortmund, called the phoenix lake. a while ago (2 weeks already, oh wow.) I have been there with my dear friend Kristina! It's been a really nice day! It was the day of the Eurovision Song Contest as well, wheeee~

In the late morning we went to Dortmund then, and found a nice place to sit, in the shadow of a really cute little tree ;3 and then we started taking photos the whole time, it was so much fun. The weather was great and i took off my shoes and went through the water a while, it was really nice and refreshing, I love lakes hihih :3

super clear water theeere

I am close to the Waterline~

Had a little Titanic moment. 
Neeeear, faaar, whereeeeever you aaare~ ♪

"Laura! Do something!" 



Fuck the police!

(ignore the writing on the image i changed my blog url aaages ago)

Supporting Jedward, about an hour before ESC started. Kristina's shirt (which is actually mine) says: "I ♥ Irish Boys" while I wore my Jedward shiiirt.
And then we watched ESC, and voted.
I didn't have signal anywhere in her house.
So I had to go outside to vote, I basically stood outside in the cold sending my votes freezing to death. 
And as a result, not even 1 point from germany? 
I reckon something went wrong there, wonder if they are ever gonna fix that.. tse~