Thursday, 29 March 2012

Just because.

Uhm... this week is the last week for the people from grade 13. I'll miss them, honestly. I haven't talked to them all in ages. after my fight with one of them, i barely had any contact to any of them. that makes me really sad and now that tomorrow is their last day, I'm quite depressed because of that. I'll probably never see them again, and I never talked to her about everything that happened - though I really wanted to. I never wanted to fight, I never wanted it to turn out like it did. And I'm getting more and more aware of the fact that I won't ever be able to at least try to solve this all. it hurt me so much... and I think it hurt her as well. i dunno, because we didn't talk, buti do think she was hurt as well. and im so sorry for everything wrong i might have done. I don't want them all to leave without having this solved, but i seriously dunno how to... I can't just walk straight up to her and be like "hey, let's talk" and especially not on her last day of school, I mean, it should be a happy day, right? *sigh* I really don't know what to do. Dear God, why did you make me of all people this socially awkward? 
I even wrote a letter yesterday and printed it. I was carrying it around with me all day, reading it all over again and again... She will never get to read this letter anyways so whatever. yea.

Anyways, this depressive mood I'm in made me stop listening to Jedward and J-Rock and stuff for a while. now i'm back to black, basically. 

basically been listening to these all day long, and nothing else. *sigh* but it actually feels good to just listen do stuff like that again. I feel a little less weird. I just have such a weird taste  in music, seriously.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Choir Trip

So, once a year, the 2 choir from my school, the orchestra and the Big Band go on a trip all together, usually for 4 days... this year, it's only been 3 days though, unfortunately.
But still, it was a great trip, really.

I've been in a room with a good friend from my class, Louisa, a girl from choir, Ann-Kristin, and 2 girls from the big band, Lisa and Carmen. (And, I was the oldest..... Lisa was, with 14, the youngest. and here I come being 18..... *sob*)

Directly after we arrived we went to check out the town. I men, sure, we've already been there, but they actually changed it a little over the year.... haha :D

First of all we were fascinated by an old mill! We saw a white cat at the mill as well, she was so cute!

this is the inside of the mill... what a messy place, haha :DD

The next days we didn't basically do much. everyone in our room was basically only drawing all the time. we were drawing and practicing, nothing more LOL

at the end, our choir sand all the songs we practiced! 

"Looking from the window above, it's like a story of love, can you heaaaar meeee? ♪♫"
"In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps toniiiight ♪♫"
and some "Bouree" by mozart, and the lyrics consist of:
"Du du ba du du ba du ba ba ba du ba du ba du ba du ba du ba du ba ba duuuu"

well, there's not much to say, just, this has been an amazing choir trip, really ♥ 


Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekend in Hamburg [continued]

After the concert, we all took the train and went to the "Big Easy", a pretty cool bar. they showed the boxing match there. I think I start liking watching boxing. haha :D 
Anyways, I got my first Sex on the Beach there. Hell that stuff is yummy! ♥

Nothing much happened the last day in Hamburg. Basically we all woke up, my uncle and my cousine brought me to the central station and I took the train home.

That was actually really sad. I did not want to leave. I hate coming home. I hate this place here. dammit.

anyways, does anyone know any events in Dortmund that day? like, conventions or stuff? when my train arrived there and I went to the bookstore (I bought Pandora Hearts 6, yeeeey!) and then went to the platform where my regional train would leave i saw a couple of cosplayers (Grell and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji) and a Lolita walking in front of me, and some other people who I think were cosplaying. idk who they cosplayed though~

And then, I went home. sad. I wanna go baaaaack~ Take me baaaaack!!! >__>


Sunday, 11 March 2012

CASPER live in Hamburg!

As I already mentionend in my last blog entry - I went to Hamburg last weekend, to see CASPER live on saturday night. So, there my story continues!  After finally changing into my new outfit and doing my hair and make-up, my cousine, my uncle and I took the subway to the Reeperbahn! There, we waited for my cousines friend, Fynn for a while. That was a nice opportunity for me to go sightseeing a little......

this is the Große Freiheit 36, the Hall the concert was in. It's a quite small hall...
not so sure i like it. There's too many stairs, and the bar is built kinda werid. but it looks cool, anyways!

The "Olivia Jones Bar" - i dunno if you have heard of it, but Olivia Jones is pretty famous in germany i guess~
I wish I could've gone in there, but there wasn't enough time! Next time when I'm in Hamburg, in Summer probably, I'll get in there ;D

"The Beatles Platz" Golden Silouhettes from the Beatles! 
I love the Beatles, and I've never seen this place before! I was seriously really fascinated!
There was also a Restaurant where the Beatles ate.... really cool. also plan on eating there next time. :D

And I also saw a Limo right there. Seriously, I wanna ride in a Limo one day!!

But now, let's talk about the concert!

Since Cro was too busy to even call Cas he told him on FACEBOOK that he won't be attending the Tour as a supporting act so Kraftklub did it! We missed them (unfortunately, they are seriously cool!) because we waited for Fynn... but yea.

So, I can't say much about it. It was just really really EPIC, noone can deny.
AND it was made into a DVD as well. Both concerts in Hamburg, on Saturday and Sunday were recorded for the LIVE DVD; WHOOO!
So, since i really can't put in words how awesome this concert was, here are some photos ;) 

Casper on Stage, a few minutes after the start of the concert. He had a wolf mask with 2 lights shining out of the eyes! That was cooool! :)

that guys cap is SO in the way. ugh.

Mittelfinger hoch!

probably my best photo. ♥
Mit Verachtung!

Lilablau (ft. Thomas Azier)
They deffo moved too much. -.-

Basically, these are all the pictures I took... I'm happy I didn't take much more - I mean, I wasn't there to take photos, I was there to enjoy the concert! I restrained myself from taking pictures, yaaay! And soon, I'll have the live DVD anyways haha :D

Uhm I still have some videos... 3 in total, one has already been on my last Blog Entry, another one is here: The first song, Der Druck steigt. whooo!
I still have another video. but, hell, youtube is SO SLOW! ><

I'll put video no.3 online another day then!

Hope you liked reading my concert report (it wasn't much of a report was it? haha :D)


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hamburg Weekend.

I wanted to quickly write a Blog Entry about my Weekend in Hamburg, because I won't be online for a while now, until friday to be exact.
So, let's get it started!

On Friday afternoon, my mum took me to Dortmund main train station, from where I took the Train off to Hamburg. yays! 3 hours on a train, alone, bored. I actually learned for my biology exam because I was so bored.
When they wnnounced we'd be in Hamburg soon, I got really excited. FINALLY I'M BACK!

I really felt like coming home again ♥

Arrived at Hamburg's central station I searched for my uncle and my cousine, with whom I spend this weekend.
(I finally found them after aaaages of searching. I was in the LAST FREAKIN PART of the train o_o)

We went directly to my uncles house, and went to a cafe to get some food later.... It was already late, and my lovely cousine, Mary, was very tired and already in bed (while I played Portal on my uncles laptop. Ahhhh that game's so much fun! :D)

The next day, we all new, would be CRAZY and AMAZING!

And, you wanna know why? Well, that's why:
On Saturday morning, first, we all went to the Mönckebergstraße together. That's one pretty long streets with loads of shops. The Europa Passagen and the Town Hall are pretty close there as well.

I saw THIS there and got really really excited because I went to CASPER's concert in the evening (Holy shit it was amazing!)

On the way back to my uncles apartment we took some cute pictures! 
Me derping and my cousin being the cutest girl on earth! ♥

Also, these are the first pictures of me with my bleached fringe (just sayin!)

At my uncles place, we then got dressed, put on make-up, etc, etc.
I bought a new Skirt at Monki there. I totally love that shop, really ♥
This was my outfit for the concert! I felt so pretty! :) 

The concert itself was amazing, just WOW!

I will write another Blogentry about it as soon as I come back on friday. until then, I'll leave you with this:

Peace out ♥