Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Le Lukastache~


p.s. It's Lukastache bc the Wig used is for a Megurine Luka Cosplay my friend did.


"ESCUSE ME" *Starts running* *pushed people away*
... My reaction to the 3 people blocking the whole freakin way in the train station on saturday. We would've missed the Train! ..... Never thought I'd ever do something like this lol xD

Anyways, I was searching for a creative start to this blog post, 
and this came to my mind x'D

Well, this is my Blog post for saturday because today was just pure amazing with Jasmin!!
Saturday, we went to Düsseldorf together... for food. 
The only reason I ever go to Düsseldorf. Food. Food. Food.
Asian Food. yay. 
First we went through all the little shops to buy ingredientes so we can cook ourselves x'D
I didn't get much, but that's all i need x'D

Afterwards we went to eat lunch at "Takumi" It's a cute little shop where they have some really delicious Ramen - and the bowls are, like, really HUGE! I couldn't finish mine, though I was so hungry all day 8'D
It was really great, and I can't wait to go to eat there again! :)

From there on, Jasmin wanted to drink Bubble Tea, but BoboQ in Düsseldorf was waaaay too crowded. so we took the next train to Essen, where we went to a shop called "Monki" and went to drink Bubble Tea as well! :D

On the train ride, we took looooads of derpy pictures, it was a lot of fun, really! I love train rides like these, they are amazing xD

Black/White Shoe Powaaaa! :D

At Monki, we both bought the same skirt! We love it - it's ultra cute! :3 

Isn't it pretty? :) 

Lol please ignore the vacuum cleaner in the back. I was too lazy to put it away :D

And right after this we went to BoboQ, so Jasmin got her yummy smelling - 
making-me-jealous Bubble Tea~


After enjoying her Bubble Tea, Jasmin & I rushed back to Essen Main Train Station to catch our Train back home. That was also when the scenario i mentioned earlier took place! We were in a hurry because we almost missed the train, and there were these 3 girls completely blocking the way, and I was tired and cold and pissed at them, so I just randomly started to scream "EXCUSE ME" and pushed them away while running past them.
I don't know what exactly Jasmin did... it sounded like choking... and laughing x'DD
It was really funny! And we still got our train  -le proud moment-

Yep. Windows are fun. 

And with this, bye byeeee ♥ 


Sunday, 8 January 2012

The New Year 2012~

Yaaay it's finally 2012
I hope you all had a great start to the new year!
I mean, it's supposed to be our last one! ;D
I had a great new years eve and a great birthday!

My dearest cousin visited me, and it's been such a long time since we last saw each other, I'm so happy ♥

A few minutes before midnight, trying to open the sparkling wine

And sooo many wonderful presents!


And at about 2am my mom came over to bring my uncles birthday present for me!

CASPER live!!!! ♥  The Concert was sold out ages ago and back then we had a huge discussion bc i wasn't allowed to buy my ticket, now I know why ♥

And my Birthday cake!

The day after that was my grandpa's birthday and I'm so glad I get to celebrate with him, since he's just out of the hospital again!

Happy Happy New Year, everyone ♥