Monday, 28 January 2013

Cherry yum yum! || Visit to the Archaeological Muesum [Very Picture Heavy]

So ofc, I am still going on with my baking challenge, and here are 
my lovely cherry cupcakes from Saturday~ 

I also went to the Archaeolgical Museum that day, I was allowed to take picuters, at least at one part of it. 
The other part was a sepcial exhibition about skulls, so the more interesting part, 
but it was forbidden to take photos in there, unfortunately. 
I loved this exhibition, idk I have something with skulls, their fascinating.
They had a glass skull (google that, there's interesting myths concerning the end of the world about it) and a crystal skull, asian skulls, african skulls, european skulls, american skulls, adult skulls, phetus skulls, A LOT about different cultures and how they either prayed to skulls for help from the gods or feared them, some cultures build houses for skulls, some decorated huge bottles with them, others tattooed them and used them as sign for victory. Reeeeeally interesting!
But as I said, only pictures of the normal exhibition.
Bones from neanderthals, ans acessories from romans, etc etc!

The text is talking about a volcano that erupted in the Eiffel in 10 966 BC.
Because of that the whole area was covered with a 50meters layer of stone.
There was so much lava that the river Rhein became a lake for some time!

Ashes of a human

This was so small like, probably a pinky fingernail? Not much bigger really.
Romans were amazing!

"If the Lions in Africa had their own Storytellers, the Hunters wouldn't always be the Winners."

This was a roman well. After they left their camp they burned it down completely, and threw dead animals, dirt, screws, and all kinds of stuff into the well, which made it unusable for others. It was so their enemies couldn't use it for themselves!

Pet dog skeleton. Found in the park in my town - I can see that park from my window! :D
It's supposed to be pretty old!

Deformed Skull of a European Woman.
When the Huns came to Europe, some kind of beauty ideal came as well - the skull form, a very long skull. Girls skulls were deformed with bandages so they'd become longer! 

Part of the laboratory they put up to show how it's all done in archaeology.
They have microscopes and all set up there, and you can try things out yourself, and everything is well explained, for example anthropology or the radiocarbon dating method!

Wrong way around Piece sign?
No actually not, this was once a window from a church!
Text: From the 8th Century on, Westphalia had Church windows made of glass.
This one is heavily weathered, therefore barely transparent. The Frame is made of blumb.

'Every thing has its Time.'

Snow! :)

I really need to start blogging more.
What other use does it have to have a blog?

Well, It's been snowing a lot here recently, so I went out and took my camera along a few times this and the last week!

Look out of my window after it snowed the whole night ^.^

attempt of macro photographing snowflakes on my gloves.
Pretty little things! 

Bird searching for food in granny's garden! 

Our town's lake geeeeeese!

I also build some nice snowman!
And a snow skull... a little deformed!^^

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday update ♪~

Yesterday's baking project:

Lemoncurd Baiser Cupcakes
(without lemoncurd. I used Lemon marmelade.
Doesn't tase as nice as lemoncurd, but try finding that in germany! D:)

I will never be able to bake according to reciepe - there's always ingredientes I can't get

But hey, these looked really nice don't they?
And they were so tasty.... if you like lemon, that is.
If not - don't even try to make them >:

I didn't like them, but they looked cute! :)


I also bought a wireless remote release for my camera! 
(So expensive these things if you buy them in a camera shop. should've buyed it online ugh.)
But I'm happy I now got one :)