Sunday, 16 June 2013

~Vertical Labret~

This saturday, I finally realized my long term dream of a new piercing! Yay! ♥
 I first saw it when someone posted something about the swedish blogger Johanna Herrstedt on facebook & I was so stunned by this piercing, i've wanted it ever since. 

Now finally FINALLY my mother properly listened to me as I explained this piercing, and her boyfriend even helped a bit, so I was allowed to get it! 

So on Saturday, I went to Dortmund with Denise, from my latin class, to get it done!
I was actually horrified when I took the train, I was literally feeling sick, I felt like I was gonna puke of excitement and fear, and when I finally got off the train my legs were shaking. Holy fuck. 

Anyways, even though I was scared, I really REALLY WANTED THIS! 
So we went to the Halloween Store and filled out the formula and get it done.


I don't regret it at all!
It looks wonderful, and I keep checking it in the mirror. The pain was deffo worth it!
And if I say pain.
Like, it doesn't take long to put the needle through the lip, but that was the most painful minute of my entire life.
But the pain wore of in a few minutes, and I started taking (nonsense, as usually) and giggling a bit hysterically (have been since saturday) soon after. 
When I got home, the first thing i noticed was: "I CAN STILL EAT WITHOUT DYING OF PAIN!" and the second was "But I can't drink properly...." so now I bought 400 (!!!) plastic straws to help me :3 

Also, my lower lip is about twice as big as it usually is, and a bit blue in the middle and on the inside of the lip. 
That looks very unhealthy. Very.

The whole thing still feels a little weird, but it absolutely doesn't hurt at all anymore (as long as I don't accidentally hit it). I can even kiss my mommy goodnight without pains - I probably won't be out for some nice make-out session anytime soon though - life can be so mean sometime :')

Monday, 3 June 2013

Blümchen ✿

Herz an Herz hörstst du mich 
S.O.S. ich liebe dich 
ich und du immerzu ich und du.

I actually forgot about that! I wanted to add the pictures from the last wednesday to my last blog entry, because that was the blog entry actually about that night XD

The first time since march 1st I actually dressed up all 90ies with Jasmini to get free entry again! Whoop!

Blurry full outfit pic is blurry~

Well anyways,  I saw this skirt in Dortmund the other day with Louisa and I was already thinking of buying it because JUST LOOK AT IT!
It's a metallic pink high waist skirt! It's everything I ever wanted! 
And it's sooooo comfy! :D
The bow is the same I wore march 1st, selfmade with the broken sewing machine (which is hopefully getting fixed this week!!!)
I got the shirt in america for only 1$ when I was there, it's one of far too few pieces I bought there~ ♥

Also I took the chance to wear my Doc's again after a while^^
They are still a bit uncomfortable because of that hard whatever it is in the back, so I rarely wear them, which is pretty sad actually. Been working on this with my new best friend, the hammer though, and my feet didn't hurt at all, so I guess it must've worked! :D