Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Market, Oberhausen, Germany.

To Yui, and everyone out there who is interested in it, a post with pictures from the Christmas Market in Oberhausen!

I figured it would be easiest to put it into a blog post, so here it is! :)

you can watch people make sweets here~


 More Food! (^ω^)

Käsespätzle mit Zwiebeln (OvO)

and yet more food ~~

Huge Nutcracker~


My favourite Christma Food ☆彡

Grillschinken mit Krautsalat ❤
(It looks a bit disgusting but it actually really tastes awesome! :D)

So, this is the end then~ Sorry the pictures are so blurry, I only took them with my iphone and it was dark and people were pushing all the time^^

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Halloween! [#1] || Wow I am so late...


So let me start 2 weeks before Halloween first, on the day my fall break started. 
During October, the Movie Park Germany, an amusement park not very far from me has a huge event called "Halloween Horror Fest" - And it's amazing.

Halloween Horror Fest - that means Zombies, monsters, horrible creatures running around a part of the movie park every thursday to saturday from 5pm onwards! AND THE MAZES! They put mazes in some old, I think even mostly unused places (for example the Baboo Twister in what was a guide about movie making years ago, but hasn't been used in ages, or the Deathpital which is in a warehouse at the very end of the Park; AND OH I LOVE IT!

A friend of mine got to work there in the "Nickland", turning little children into pumpkins and ghosts with makeup, or drawing on scars and whatnot, and so she got tickets for us for half the normal price! Yay! 

And honestly, it might be tough to work there, as far as I've heard people are quite rude to the poor monsters, but I really do want to work there if possible!

So just because I loved it so so so so much, here are a few pictures!

Those were only the pictures taken with my digital camera, they are not very good (really, it's a horrible camera. wish I would have taken my dslr with me ://)
Me and my friends took plenty more pictures, with my phone, but they are still on the phone and apparently the blogger app doesn't like my wi-fi too much. Bummer. But yay! Finally at least some pictures (finally at least a post!)

(Also I am deliberately trying to upload a blog about a Christmas market right now, but since I'm trying it with my phone you can guess it doesn't work too well. I'll keep on trying though! Wish me luck!)