Thursday, 15 May 2014

Update timeeee! [Mottoweek]


So, I just remembered that I actually have a blog, I'm sorry, I'm awfully forgetful.
Anyways, I reckon it's time for a little update!
So first, I will start with the (in germany) very famous Mottoweek!

The last week in school, last week  before all the exams and last school week before graduating high school is, traditionally very colorful and funny and not-so-sober at most schools.
This year it was March April 7th - 12th, I think?

My class's mottos were
1. Hippie/Hawaii (whoever thought that resembels in any way... idek)
2. Childhood Heroes
3. Jobs
4. Whores/ pimps (only day of most men's life where it's ok for them (in their opinion, not mine) to wear a dress and a wonderful wig and high heels)
5. Oktoberfest (So mad we didn't have Horror as a motto!)

Anyways, on to the photos:

1. Hawaiiii

 One of the best things about the Mottoweek is probably taking a group of friends, music and going through school, through classes, annoying the teachers (because as long as you're not awfully drunk they can't kick you out anymore anyways) and having fun with the kids!
We had a lot of fun doing that, especially on Day 1 - It was just the perfect motto! Going into the class, waving peace signs, drawing peace signs on the blackbords and deliberately talking about how nuclear power is a bad bad thing, it was really great!
Also, this was the warmest day of the week, which was very fitting for the motto! :D

Unfortunately, this day has been overshadowed by an even that still saddens me a lot - my second niece, Emiliya Kate, passed away after only a few hours of being with us. I wish she would've been granted more time here, but I also know that she is resting peacefully now, and that, whereever she is, she is doing wonderfully, I am sure. Rest in Peace, my little angel.

Who would've guessed? I was Sailor Moon (with a wonderful green umbrella. Weird weather we had)
So I only had like 2 lessons, and we watched a movie then, which resulted in not so many pictures. also the cosplay is still very... well. Not good. I'm improving it step by step (The necklace was actually finished but i forgot it at home, the Tiara will probably be finished by tomorrow, the hair ornament thingies... idk i'm thinking of just making paper ones? and i need to find a brooch solution, the Fimo brooch i made is too heavy, resulting in a V-neck down to my belly....) Also I really need to fix the second bun, somehow it's placed... weird. Idk what it is with Sailor Moon wigs online. First I had trouble with some chinese ebay seller who sent a crappy wig and didn't refund the money, then I had to last minute order one which was way more expensive than the wig before - but at least it would arrive in time, since it was a german site - My Costumes, actually - and yea. I don't wanna talk bad about them but if all of their wigs are in such a bad condition I'd advise you to buy there. Like I said, the second bun is weird, you can't really change the size of the wig because there is no way to attatch the elastics inside that are (usually) to make it fit every size. I had this problem with the crappy ebay wig but also with the expensive wig from MC, which is making me a bit mad because WHY DID I PAY ALMOST 50€ FOR THIS?!?  Anyways. I was very lucky I only had a very short day though, since it was quite cold and as you can see I was not wearing a lot^^

I just realised that my friend on the right here probably has all the nice pictures from this day, since I was busy preserving evidence! Guess what I was! (This weird suit thingy was 5 times too big for me, but it was also for free! And together, we, the NCIS looked pretty rad I think xD
(We also went to an asian restaurant with our english class that day! That was fun, and soooo delicious!)


yea I admit I did not look as wonderfully sexy as some of my other classmates, but at least I tried^^
(I'm not very keen on having almost naked pictures of me online anyways, and with this outfit I feel like I don't have to worry too much^^ It's rather decent^^
We also ended up playing dodgeball against a group of 8th (??) graders .... and splendidly lost!
It was one of the more fun days, though there were complications involving our music.

The last day was, as I mentioned, Oktoberfest - and I didn't participate.
A really nice Dirndl is just way to expensive for one day of fun at school, and I don't think I'll need one for a while. If I ever get to actually participate at the Oktoberfest I'll be sure to get one but it was just very unnecessary to buy one for only this.

AAAAAAAAFter Mottoweek, for all normal students 2 weeks of holidays started, while we were off school forever! yay!
My lovely cousin Lilly spend a week here, we celebrated my mom's birthday as well as Easter, and then I spent my time with learning, mostly.
4 hour exam in german was up first, one week later a 6 hour one in english (which I probably fucked up wonderfully. What kind of topics is the german school ministry giving out this year? They were both absolutely horrible!) And another 6 hours one in history (which was surprisingly easy, considering I love history but just can't memorize as many numbers as I should. But maybe I just learned successfully for the first time in my life.)
Now the only important thing left in my educational career is the oral exam in math which is on monday the week after next week. I am quite anxious, but I'm trying to be optimistic, yay!

Anyways, the next important personal event is the Japanday in Düsseldorf this Saturday! I'm really excited (and happy I finally found someone to accompany me because I don't have friends but now I don't have to go alone yay!) And ofc I'll wear my at least a bit improved Sailor Moon Cosplay!
And I'll try to update my blog after that as well! :)

Bye byeeeee